Saida Muna, a diplomat of the highest order

Saida Muna Tasneem, Bangladesh, Bangladesh High Commissioner            
Image credit: Sir Frank Peters

Sincerest congratulations to Her Excellency Saida Muna Tasneem, Bangladesh High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and Ambassador to Ireland and Liberia, on being one of 10 to win the prestigious and coveted title “Diplomat of the Year 2024”.

The winners are selected from among the most influential diplomats based in the UK. Ambassadors and High Commissioners from over 70 countries (and diplomats from over 90 countries) attended the 2024 awards ceremony at The Peninsula Hotel in London.

Not only is winning the ‘Oscar’ of the diplomatic world a much-deserved personal victory for Saida, but it brings great prestige and kudos to Bangladesh.

Our honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina knew what she was doing – and got it right – when she appointed the ‘diplomatic princess’ to represent the new vibrant and exciting Bangladesh to the world.

I knew Saida in Bangkok where she mentored a joy-filled Bengali staff at the Ekamai Soi 30 embassy grounds into behaving like diplomats in their own right and forging Bangladesh a good name and reputation

Anyone who has been following her career (there’s been countless news reports, here and abroad of her successes) will vouch that Saida has the Midas touch, makes positive impact, and is an absolute credit to Bangladesh. She’s the sort of diplomat other countries wish they had. In many ways, she’s similar to former Irish President Mary Robinson – brains, looks, and talent.

Saida is charismatic to a fault, a consummate professional, a diplomat of the highest order and a patriot in heart and deed – a national asset. She is also the incumbent First Vice-President to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) since January 2024 and the Bangladesh’s representative to the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific.

Saida Muna Tasneem is undoubtedly the name that will grace newspaper headlines even more in years to come just as Sheikh Hasina is doing now. Both speak in loud chorus for the feminist movement and I have no objection to that – my mother was a woman!

Congratulations Saida and continued personal success, which ultimately benefits Bangladesh.


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