Ram Navami celebrated with grand festivity across Bangladesh

Lord Ram, Ram Navami, Ramrajya, Ramsita Mandir

On Wednesday, April 17, 2024, Bangladesh came alive with vibrant celebrations of Ram Navami in 45 districts, including Dhaka, Chittagong, Gopalganj, Nilphamari, Mymensingh, and Narsingdi. The day commenced with fervent devotion at Sri Ramsita Mandir on Joy kali Temple Road in the capital city of Dhaka. Sri Ram Chandra Puja commenced at 5 am, followed by a yagna ceremony from 9 am to 12 pm. A brief discussion meeting ensued, presided over by Ramsita Mandir President Sri Ganesh Chandra Ghosh.

Among the distinguished speakers at the gathering were Ram-Sita Temple General Secretary Milton Biswas, Joint General Secretary Advocate Shubo Majumdar, Advocate Saudiapta Kumar Das, Organizing Secretary Ranjan Sarkar, and Hindu Mahajot President Advocate Deenbandhu Roy, among others. The speakers reflected on the teachings of Lord Ram Chandra, emphasizing the lessons on family values, social harmony, religious principles, governance, diplomacy, and the duty towards one’s neighbors as depicted in the biography of Lord Ram.

They highlighted the relevance of Ramayana in today’s world, underscoring its lessons on combating evil, upholding virtue, safeguarding women’s honor, and fostering familial responsibilities. Concerns were expressed about the breakdown of family structures globally, attributing it to a lack of mutual respect and tolerance among family members, which impedes the development of responsible individuals, particularly the youth.

Drawing parallels with the concept of ‘Ramrajya,’ or a benevolent state, the speakers emphasized the need for fostering goodwill among nations, akin to the amicable relations depicted between Lord Ram and neighboring states in the epic. They noted the growing global interest in practicing Ramayana teachings as a means to address contemporary societal challenges.

The festivities culminated in a vibrant procession led by the General Secretary of the Hindu Mahajot, Advocate Gobindo Chandra Pramanik. The procession traversed through Dhaka, passing landmarks such as Banga Bhavan, Ittefaq Mor, Jagatbandhu Ashram, Madneshwar Mahad’s Jiu Temple Mor, and Baldha Garden Mor before concluding at Ramsita Templea. The day concluded with the distribution of prasad in the afternoon and the recitation of Ramayana in the evening, marking a joyous conclusion to the Ram Navami celebrations in Bangladesh.


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