American intelligence placing secret device inside sneakers and iPhones

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If you are using American brand’s sneakers or Apple iPhone, you may be under surveillance by the US intelligence agencies – no matter where you live or where you have purchased these items. According to American media, while the United States under the presidency of Joe Biden is gradually becoming a “Banana Republic” and a “Third World”, its intelligence establishments are adopting some notorious policies that can never be seen even in any autocratic or totalitarian nation.

A recent report has shocked millions of people when they came to know the case of Jackie Giurleo, a resident of Brevard County and a Florida mom who got the fight of her life when she discovered that her son was being tracked by strangers. She was shocked and frightened as she began receiving alerts on her phone about an AirTag tracking her 7-year-old son. According to Fox News, Jackie Giurleo did not own any AirTags.

It may be mentioned here that AirTags are very tiny size tracking devices, developed by Apple that can be used to tag items people do not want to lose, such as keys, luggage or even pets.

According to Western Journal, Jackie Giurleo began to get the alert after the family attended a Christmas parade on Jackson Avenue in Satellite Beach. She immediately sprang into action, scouring her son’s belongings, trying to locate the unknown AirTag. Her worst fears were realized when she finally discovered the tracker hidden in the sole of Aidan’s sneakers.

“It was every mother’s worst nightmare”, Giurleo said. “When we found it, my heart just dropped. Honestly, my knees gave out because it was inside my son’s shoe”, she said, according to Fox News.

According to CBS News, in June 2022, a 26-year-old Indianapolis man was allegedly killed by his ex-girlfriend after she reportedly placed an AirTag on the back of his car and used it to secretly track his movements before fatally confronting him. In the same year, more than three dozen plaintiffs joined a class-action lawsuit filed in California, alleging that AirTags have become a “weapon of choice” for stalkers and abusers. The lawsuit claims Apple failed to properly address known risks with the product, leading to a surge in real-world harms, according to information revealed by Ars Technica. The lawsuit alleges that creeps and stalkers have hidden AirTags in people’s cars, purses and even stitched inside a child’s teddy bear.

The complaint says AirTags “allow stalkers to follow their victims’ movements in real time and to undo any attempt on the part of the victim to evade or hide from the stalker”.

The Western Journal in a report said, Brittany Alowonle, a Georgia resident, said that she and her young daughter had been targeted by an unknown AirTag stalker “without knowing by whom or why”.

The experience of Àine O’Neill, an Irish national living in California, was equally harrowing. O’Neill had been pursuing her Hollywood dreams when she discovered AirTags were being used to monitor her movements.

Feeling powerless to identify her stalker or assess the danger, O’Neill made the difficult choice to abandon her career aspirations and return to Ireland.

In addition to AirTags, spy transmitters are being installed inside sneakers and iPhones – which are mostly sold to targeted nations and even individuals in the United States. Through these devices, US intelligence agencies can listen to conversations and also know the movement of the targets.

Meanwhile, according to technology experts, in addition to installing spying devices inside iPhone sets, its live listening feature can be used to secretly spy on any private conversation even through walls.

Seeking anonymity, a credible source told this correspondent, during the last several months, US intelligence agencies are pushing spy device-fitted sneakers and iPhones into Russia through a third country and passing those to the targeted individual – including officials and journalists through their acquaintances – lovers and even relatives. The person who is passing these items is not aware of the fact as they don’t know, the sellers of sneakers and iPhones actually were an asset of the US intelligence agency.


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