Saudi Arabia’s commitment to Jordan’s stability

Jordan, Israeli, Al-Qassam Brigades, Gaza

In recent days, Jordan has found itself embroiled in a wave of protests near the Israeli Embassy in Amman’s Rabieh neighborhood. Tensions have surged as demonstrations continue, prompting growing concerns about potential destabilization. At the forefront of these concerns is the influence of Hamas, with notable figures like Khaled Meshaal inciting discord among Jordanian and Palestinian citizens.

The protests in Jordan have taken a concerning turn, with slogans and speeches in support of Hamas and its military wing, the Al-Qassam Brigades, echoing throughout the streets. This, despite diplomatic efforts by Jordan’s leadership to secure a ceasefire in Gaza and provide humanitarian aid. As these events unfold, Saudi Arabia has been closely monitoring the situation, recognizing the vital importance of Jordan’s stability for regional security.

The connection between Palestine and Jordan runs deep, both geographically and culturally. Jordan’s security is paramount in maintaining stability in the occupied territories. However, external influences have exacerbated tensions, contributing to disorder not only in Jordan but also in neighboring countries like Egypt and Lebanon. Extremist Palestinian leaders, including some affiliated with Hamas, have unfortunately played a role in stoking instability in Jordan, driven by misguided agendas.

Jordan’s susceptibility to external influences is magnified by Israel’s aspirations, perceiving the nation as a potential “alternate homeland” capable of aiding in the displacement of Palestinians and annexation of their territories. Israel’s vested interest in destabilizing Jordan is evident, given its steadfast opposition to Jordan’s stance against Israeli agendas in the region. This strategic perspective underscores the delicate balance Jordan must navigate in safeguarding its sovereignty amid external pressures, particularly those emanating from neighboring states with conflicting objectives.

For Saudi Arabia, Jordan’s stability is not merely a matter of regional politics but a direct concern for its own national security. Situated on the northern border of the Kingdom, any volatility in Jordan poses a direct threat. Moreover, Saudi Arabia is committed to maintaining Jordan’s independence and integrity, wary of any shift in leadership that could pave the way for Islamist movements like Hamas to gain influence.

Saudi Arabia’s backing of Jordan is resolute. The Kingdom is prepared to aid in upholding Jordan’s security and territorial integrity, firmly opposing any endeavors to manipulate the nation for the dissemination of discord or the cultivation of instability under the pretext of supporting Gaza’s resistance. This unwavering support underscores Saudi Arabia’s commitment to ensuring Jordan’s stability and sovereignty in the face of external pressures.

The dedication to maintaining Jordan’s stability is longstanding. Saudi Arabia has consistently supported Jordan during times of turmoil, exemplified by King Salman’s 2018 summit, where a significant economic aid package was offered to the nation. King Abdullah of Jordan has openly expressed appreciation for Saudi Arabia’s assistance, recognizing its pivotal role in confronting diverse challenges and mitigating potential sources of instability. This enduring partnership underscores the mutual commitment to preserving peace and security in the region.

Saudi Arabia’s concern for Jordan’s security is rooted in its acknowledgment of the intricate interplay between regional dynamics and national security imperatives. Given its status as a neighboring country, the stability of Jordan holds not only intrinsic value for its citizens but also substantial implications for broader regional stability and peace.

Saudi Arabia’s proactive stance in addressing these challenges underscores its unwavering commitment to fostering peace and stability within the region. Through the cultivation of strategic partnerships, diplomatic initiatives, and the implementation of robust security measures, the Kingdom is dedicated to safeguarding its own interests while simultaneously contributing to the collective security of the region.

Amidst navigating the complexities of the security landscape, Saudi Arabia remains vigilant, cooperative, and resolute in upholding shared values. By adhering to these principles, the Kingdom endeavors to mitigate potential threats to Jordan’s sovereignty and stability, thereby paving the way for a more secure and prosperous future across the entire region.


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