Militancy connections of Islamic hate-preacher Amir Hamza proved

Amir Humza’s spiritual guru Zakir Naik, on a number of occasions, defended Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda

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The Counter Terrorism Investigation Department of Bangladesh Police has pressed charge-sheet against Amir Hamza – an Islamic hate-preacher in the country proving his involvement in militancy activities. He has been roaming the country using luxurious Mitsubishi Pajero SUV spreading hatred against Hindus, India, non-Muslims and secularist forces in the country, while he holds important position in a banned militancy outfit named Ansar Al Islam (AAI), a local franchise of Al Qaeda.

Amir Hamza has been frantically attempting to destabilize country’s law and order situation with the notorious agenda of turning Bangladesh into a sharia state. He also has been maintaining connections with several jihadist outfits in West Bengal in India.

During interrogation, Amir Hamza admitted to giving instigation to citizens in Bangladesh against the ruling Awami League and the state as well as Hindus, India, non-Muslims and secularist individuals and organizations through Islamic “Waz Mahfil”. Furthermore, he purportedly encouraged people to disrupt public security and participate in Jihad against Christians, Hindus and Jews.

On October 24, 2020, Sub-Inspector Mokhlesur Rahman of the Counter Terrorism Investigation Department filed a case against Amir Hamza and others at the Darus Salam Police Station in Dhaka. Following the investigation, on March 28, the investigating officer and Inspector of the Counter Terrorism Investigation Department, Kazi Mizanur Rahman, submitted the charge sheet in the court.

Apart from Amir Hamza, the other individuals accused in the charge sheet are Mehdi Hasan, Aliun Nabi Sabuj, Md. Kader Kibria Sagar, and M Jubair Ahmed. Additionally, in the case, although the names of Asaduzzaman Asad, Tasnimul Karim Rizvi, and Abdullah Al Amin are not found to be related to the allegations, it is recommended that they be exempted from the allegations.

According to the charge sheet, Amir Hamza traveled to various parts of Bangladesh in a Pajero jeep to bolster the banned militant organization ‘Ansar-Al-Islam’, a local franchise of Al Qaeda. It is claimed that he actively worked to disrupt public security, sow terror among the populace, and advocate for the establishment of Islamic Sharia law.

It is also alleged that Amir Hamza admitted to inciting innocent citizens against the state during gatherings at the Waz Mahfil. Additionally, he purportedly encouraged people to disrupt public security and participate in Jihad.

Police Inspector Kazi Mizanur Rahman, the investigating officer of the case, informed the media that charge sheets have been issued against five individuals as the allegations were found to be substantiated. Witnesses will present evidence to support the case in court.

According to the statement, a group of individuals was allegedly preparing for a clandestine meeting by congregating on the road adjacent to the Gabtali inter-district bus terminal in Dhaka city. Members of the Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC) unit of Bangladesh Police promptly responded upon receiving the information.

While some of the individuals managed to evade capture, one person was apprehended. Subsequently, on May 5 of the following year, a youth arrested from Dhaka’s Sangsad Bhavan area provided information regarding Amir Hamza’s whereabouts.

The 22-year-old individual known as Abu Saqib, also known as Al-Amin, is reportedly affiliated with the banned militant organization ‘Ansar Al Islam’. He allegedly had intentions to “attack the parliament building with a sword”, purportedly influenced by extremist sermons of Amir Hamza and others.

On May 24, 2021, the Counter Terrorism Police apprehended Amir Hamza from Dabiravita in Kushtia Sadar Upazila. Subsequently, he was formally charged and arrested in connection with cases filed at Sherebangla Nagar and Darus Salam Police Stations in Dhaka city. Following his release on bail in these two cases, he was released from Kashimpur Central Jail on December 7, 2023.

Who is this Amir Hamza?

Amir Hamza is a notorious Islamic hate-preacher and debater from Bangladesh. He was born in 1992 in the Kushtia district of the Khulna Division. His father’s name is Md Riaz Uddin. Popularly known as Hafeez Maulana Amir Hamza, he holds the titles of Hafeez, Mufti, and Mufassir.

Amir Hamza obtained his Honors and Masters degrees in Hamza “Al Quran” from one of Bangladesh’s premier Islamic universities situated in the Kushtia district. Often likened to the renowned Islamic hate-preacher Zakir Naik, Amir Hamza’s reputation as an Islamic negotiator extends globally. He has preached in various Muslim and non-Muslim countries, including the United States, Saudi Arabia, and India.

Amir Humza’s spiritual guru Zakir Naik, on a number of occasions, defended Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. His remark on Osama bin Laden had created quite a controversy some time back.

“If Osama bin Laden is terrorizing America or the enemies of Islam, every Muslim should become a terrorist. I can’t call Osama a terrorist because his involvement in the dastardly act of 9/11 is not proved,” Zakir Naik had said, defending the most wanted man in the world.

Several Islamist organizations and individuals in India have been regularly spreading YouTube contents of Amir Hamza amongst local Muslims, while a large number of them have been using such hate-speeches against ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Prime Minister Narendra Modi by branding them as “enemies of Islam”.


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