Investigators unearth connection between Crocus City Hall terrorists and Ukraine

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In a shocking revelation, Russian investigators have confirmed the discovery of data related to transaction of cash and cryptocurrency between the Crocus City Hall terrorists and Ukraine. Meanwhile, a cryptocurrency account used by the organizer and perpetrators of this heinous massacre has also been unearthed.

Kiril Kabanoc, chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Committee told Russian news outlet Sputnik – “it is of paramount importance that data in the technical devices seized from the suspects has confirmed their connection with Ukrainian side.

Kabanoc further said, initial information received from those detained in the case related to the terrorist attack indicated Ukraine pulled strings. However, the fresh report by the Russian Investigative Committee points to the Ukrainian special services and “we must understand that they are directly connected with the CIA and MI6 and MI5”.

Kiril Kabanoc, also a member of the Human Rights Council further said, “That is why the West is trying to cover this up, blaming an outlawed international terrorist organization [Islamic State] for everything. In order to save face, and to hide the fact that Ukraine itself is a huge terrorist organization”.

He further said, the terrorists received significant amounts of money and cryptocurrency from Ukraine. Russia’s special services have completed their task by uncovering this proof, yet they “refuse to hear us in the West, the world’s mechanisms don’t work”.

Kabanoc said, “The Americans can get away with brandishing an empty vial and using it as a pretext for starting a war and destroying an entire state, as was the case with Iraq. Unfortunately, I am not at all sure that our evidence of cryptocurrency transfers will be heard. Although for citizens of many countries this might add to their perception of reality”.

The analyst believes, for people in Western countries whose leaders remain committed to supporting the regime holed up in Kyiv, a reality check as to what is really happening in Ukraine is long overdue.

“It is very important that they begin to understand everything that is happening regarding Ukraine, including in their own countries. For us, it was clear from the start who was behind this terrorist attack. I think it’s time for the world to understand this too”, Kabanov remarked.

Meanwhile, the Russian Investigative Committee said, “The initial results of the investigation fully confirm the planned nature of the terrorists’ actions, careful preparation and financial support from the organizers of the crime. As a result of working with the detained terrorists, analyzing the technical devices seized from them, analyzing information about financial transactions, evidence of their connection with Ukrainian nationalists has been obtained”.

According to Sputnik, as part of the ongoing investigation, a cryptocurrency account allegedly used by those behind the Crocus City Hall terrorist massacre and the perpetrators has been discovered, through which an amount equivaled to half of what was promised to the terrorists for the attack was transferred. A link to the account was posted on Voice of Khorasan, a Telegram channel affiliated with Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP).

Transfer data available on the Internet revealed that the address of the crypto wallet on the Tronscan platform first appeared on March 12, 2024 in a post on a Telegram channel, administrator of which is a person with the nickname Mavlavi_56 who also runs the Telegram channel – Voice of Khorasan. The next day, on March 13, 2024, the account became active where US$2.19 worth of crypto tokens was received in its first transfer.

It was previously claimed that the now-defunct Voice of Khorasan channel was used to recruit the perpetrators of the Crocus City Hall terrorist massacre.

According to Sputnik, the account on the Tronscan platform experience a peak of activity on March 22, 2024 with crypt token worth US$2,525 arriving and being withdrawn almost instantly. In total, there were four inbound and four outbound transfers – US$325, US$550, and US$1,100. The first tranche of US$325, which possibly was an advance payment, was transferred around 10-10:30 am Moscow time on March 22, 2024. The last three transfers totaling US$2,200 arrived and were withdrawn from the account between 9:30 pm and 10:30 pm – approximately one to two hours after the first reports of the terrorist massacre.

The funds were almost immediately withdrawn. With these findings it can be assumed that this account was used as an “intermediary” to transfer money between the accounts of the presumed organizers on the one hand and the perpetrators of the massacre on the other.


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