Teenage gang influence rises in Dhaka, law enforcers preparing list of godfathers

DMP, Dhaka, Awami League, Jubo League

To address the rising incidence of teenage crime, the police have initiated proactive measures by targeting gang leaders and sponsors. The Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) has issued directives to various police stations to compile comprehensive identification details, including names and any political affiliations, of these individuals. Additionally, stations have been instructed to update lists containing information on local teenage gang members.

The police have highlighted the involvement of numerous teenage gangs in recent capital murders. Moreover, incidents such as area-specific extortion, land encroachment, and intergroup clashes have become alarmingly frequent. Furthermore, instances of crimes like murder involving teenagers, often triggered by issues such as eve-teasing or romantic entanglements, are on the rise. Consequently, the crime situation in the capital is rapidly deteriorating.

According to reliable sources, extensive discussions concerning teenage gangs were held in multiple meetings of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) this month. The discussions culminated in a recommendation to subject the facilitators or sponsors of these teenage gangs to legal scrutiny. Subsequently, on March 20, a letter signed by DMP Joint Commissioner (Crime) Liton Kumar Saha was dispatched, urging the submission of names of active youth gangs and their sponsors or godfathers in various police station areas.

As per DMP instructions, the list should be mailed or sent via special carrier by March 27. It must include eight types of information in a prescribed table: names of gang leaders and active gangs in respective police station areas, crime locations, sponsors or elder brothers, member counts, names, crime types, and statistics of cases and General Diaries (GDs). Deputy Commissioners of the nine DMP divisions have been directed to ensure compliance.

When queried about the issue, Additional Commissioner Mohammad Haroon or Rashid of the Dhaka Metropolitan Intelligence Police informed the media that efforts to suppress the violence instigated by teenage gangs would be relentless. Law enforcement is actively engaging in legal measures, specifically focusing on individuals who promote godfather figures within the teenage gangs, commonly referred to as “Kishore gangs”. Several individuals have already been identified, and legal action against them is forthcoming. No exemptions will be granted based on influence or any other identity in this matter.

As per sources, the police are currently monitoring several ward councilors and leaders affiliated with the ruling party in the capital, suspected to be acting as godfathers for teenage gangs. In the police register, Uttara west Thana Chhatra League president Sakiluzzaman, also known as Vipul, and Jubo League leader Kabir Hasan, alias Bhagina Kabir, have been identified as the godfathers of the teenage gang.

Local reports suggest that Kabir Hasan, also known as Bhagina Kabir, showed disregard for the former MP of Dhaka-18 Constituency’s identity. He allegedly employed teenage gangs to extort the illegal furniture markets in Uttara sectors 11 and 13. Additionally, Chhatra League leader Vipul, Ward No. 51 Jubo League leader Haji Iftekharul Islam, alias Jewel, and Ward No. 51 Councilor Mohammad Sharifur Rahman are purported patrons of multiple teenage gangs.

Under Jewel’s influence in sectors 11, 12, 13, and the Rana Bhola area of Turag, several youth factions operate. Notably, local Jubo League leader Mahbubul Alam, alias Prince, Sheikh Humayan Kabir, Nazrul Islam, alias Babu, Nazmul Karim, alias Kuja Babu, and Arif Hossain are implicated in various criminal activities, including robbery and extortion in the region.

Furthermore, self-proclaimed Jubo League leader Nazmul Hasan, also known as Prince Nazmul, has allegedly orchestrated the formation of several teenage gangs in the Rana Bhola area adjacent to Sector 10, much to the dismay of local residents who have reportedly suffered from his actions. However, Nazmul has been absent from the area recently, purportedly due to his involvement in a drug case scandal.

Despite repeated attempts to reach Jubo League leader Haji Eftekharul Islam Jewel for a statement on Tuesday evening, calls to his number went unanswered. Similarly, efforts to obtain a statement from Turag Jubo League leader Nazmul Hasan alias Prince Nazmul at his Uttara residence proved futile, as he was reportedly abroad according to his family members.

According to the local police station, newly elected MP of the area, Khosru Chowdhury, has been vocal against former MP’s sheltering of teenage gangs. He recently conducted a press conference urging party leaders to exercise caution regarding the teenage gang. He publicly declared that any activists found involved with the youth gang would be handed over for appropriate action.

According to police reports, juvenile crime is escalating rapidly not only in Uttara but also across the extensive region of Mirpur. Particularly in the Pallabi area, a string of murders, in addition to theft and robbery, is attributed to juvenile gangs. The latest victim, Mohammad Faisal from Pallabi Murapara camp, fell prey to a trivial incident and was killed on March 15. RAB has apprehended five individuals involved in the incident, including Rabi and Tana Akash, local leaders of the teenage gang. Furthermore, another teenage gang leader known as Battu has been arrested by the Pallabi police station.

According to sources, Pallabi’s Jubo League leader Addu, also known as Bihari Addu, has been identified by the police as the godfather of the Kishore gang in Mirpur No. 11. His key associate, Suman, known as Killer Suman, is one of the suspects in the Shaheen murder case. Additionally, longstanding allegations of nurturing teenage gangs have been leveled against certain local ward councilors and political figures. Specifically, Ward No. 5 Awami League General Secretary Khalilur Rahman, alias Kasai Khalil, and Ward No. 8 Councilor Abul Kashem Molla are known to be associated with the teenage gangs. Kasai Khalil, previously implicated in a murder case, had been arrested and incarcerated. However, he has recently been released on bail and has resumed his activities in the area.

Several youth groups under Councilor Kashem Mollah reportedly extorted vehicles along Zoo Road. Additionally, Pallabi Thana Chhatra League leader Milan Dhali, Ward No. 91 Jubo League leader Faruk Hossain, Noor Islam, and Ward No. 3 Councilor Kazi Zahirul Islam Manik are accused of nurturing teenage gangs.

Recently, several councilors, including Councilor Manik, were implicated in an intelligence agency report as providers of shelter to teenage gangs. The media coverage of these allegations has caused significant distress and political challenges for some of them.

When questioned about the accusations, Ward No. 8 Councilor Abul Kashem Mollah refuted them, asserting his accountability to the people. He dismissed allegations of extortion or supporting juvenile gangs as unfounded, attributing them to fabricated claims by local Awami League leader Mannan from Ward No. 93.

According to police reports, a significant portion of Pallabi is inhabited by the Bihari community, individuals who were stranded during the Liberation War. Additionally, large areas consist of slums, with around 39 camps housing many residents involved in drug and arms trafficking. Furthermore, unemployed youths, both locals and residents of the camps, are increasingly resorting to crimes such as theft, robbery, and even participating in paid activities ranging from land grabbing to assassination missions.

Sources reveal that several teenage gangs operating in the Darus Salam area are engaged in various clashes and altercations. Volunteer League leaders Islam and Nabeel Khan are reputed to support these gangs.

Additionally, Awami League leader Ghiyas Uddin in the Darus Salam area, Tofazzal Hossain, also known as Tenu, local Ward Councilor Number 7 in Rupnagar, and Ward Councilor Humayun Rashid Johnny are identified as backers or facilitators of teenage gangs in Kazipara and Sheorapara.

When approached for a statement, Ward No. 14 Councilor Humayun Rashid Jani refuted the allegations, dismissing them as false. He questioned the notion of sheltering teenage gangs, stating that any mischievous boys in the area have been reported to the local police administration, particularly those who loiter around schools.

Mohammadpur, recognized as one of the capital’s largest residential areas, grapples with the presence of teenage gangs. Various groups of teenagers have been reported to vandalize the walls of educational institutions, while certain roads in the vicinity are allegedly commandeered by teenage gangs past 10 pm, engaging in activities such as loud Honda racing late into the night.

Local residents claim that one of the primary benefactors of teenage gangs in Mohammadpur is a local figure known as Eamon alias Garment Eamon, who reportedly monopolizes much of the garment and jute businesses in the area. Failure to secure employment from an organization allegedly prompts Eamon and his gang members to resort to ambushes. Eamon purportedly operates from the Chand Udyan office, with several of his cohorts active in the vicinity of three road junctions.

Former Vice President of Mohammadpur Thana Chhatra League, Sajjad Hossain, faces accusations of nurturing multiple Kishore gangs in the Kantasur area, allegedly aided by his associate Kawsar, alias Molla Kawsar, from the Chand Udyan area. Additionally, youth group leader Sakil holds sway over several teenager groups in the Rayerbazar area, although his recent arrest by DB has been controversially mitigated by local political leaders.

According to the local police station, Eamon alias Alex and Jack Kallu reportedly lead several teenage gangs in the Mohammadpur area, identified as sources by RAB. Meanwhile, despite the recent arrest of active gang leader Sajib, alias Forma Sajib, in the Dhanmondi 27 area, another alleged godfather, Alamgir, alias Forma Alamgir, remains at large.

According to sources, a local teenage gang known as the Patali Group has been consistently involved in robberies in the Rayerbazar cemetery area. The group, consisting of approximately 70-80 individuals, including local terrorist figures such as Hasan, alias Lengra Hasan, Michael, and Kabila, is implicated in numerous criminal cases. The Patali Group is led by local terrorist Rana, also known as Gal Kata Rana.

Furthermore, in the Mohammadia housing area, local Jubo League workers Hasan and Akash lead the youth gang named the Diamond Group, comprising members like local terrorists Sohag and Jewel Milon, totaling around 15-20 individuals. Additionally, local Jubo League leaders Mim and

Nahid head the teenage group named ‘Lara De’ in the Banshbari area.

In Basila’s 40 feet area, a youth gang known as ‘De Dakka’ is headed by Chhatra League leader Farooq Khan, alias OV. Meanwhile, the ‘Thote Law’ group operates in the Mohammadpur Lautla area, with Jubo League leader

Mahidul Islam serving as the godfather of multiple case defendants.

Moreover, the teenage ‘Lal Group’ is active in Metro Housing, with local terrorist Lal, alias Rakta Lal, serving as its godfather.

In the Rayerbazar Cemetery area, two terrorists named Russell, alias Baat Russell, and Farhad lead the teenage gang named ‘Takkar Law’. Recently, former Chhatra League leader Noman and his associate Banka Russell have been leading several teenage gangs in the Beribandh area. Additionally, members of the teenage gang Gangchil Force operate in Dhaka Udyan, Nabinagar Housing, and Chandrima Housing areas.

It’s reported that Lambu Musharraf, the godfather of the Gangchil army, was incarcerated for an extended period but has recently resumed his activities, even attempting to enter Jubo League politics. He is aided by local terrorists such as Ruhul Amin, Bhagne Naim, Johnny, alias Bloodsucker Johnny, and Robin, alias Shooter Robin. Moreover, several teenage gangs are led by Salim, alias Gias Salim, in the Adabar area, and by Jubo League leader Shahrukh Jahan, alias Pappu, and Suman, alias One Piece Suman, in the Shekertek PC Culture area.

Former local councilor Tarekuzzaman, also known as Rajiv, allegedly established multiple teenage gangs with local youths. However, the arrest of Rajiv during an anti-casino operation led to the inactivity of several groups under his influence. Following Rajiv’s recent release from prison, some of these groups have reportedly become active again, causing frustration among local residents, particularly with the actions of the ‘Kabji Kata’ group.

When questioned about the involvement of teenage gangs, leaders of the ruling party asserted that many individuals engage in misdemeanors under the guise of party affiliation. They clarified that such individuals are not genuine party members, and if found to be involved in criminal activities, the party would not assume responsibility for their actions.


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