Unending cases of Hindu persecution in Bangladesh

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A disturbing news about Islamists in Bangladesh flexing muscles at Hindus by illegally constructing a mosque on the land of a century-old temple had missed the attention of the majority of the newspapers, just because no one wants to annoy the jihad-mongering radical Muslims in the country.

According to media reports, Muslims in Bangladesh are constructing a mosque by illegally grabbing land of a century-old Kantaji Temple in Kantanagar area under Dinajpur district, whereas this temple over a land of 156.53 acres was built in 1722 CE by Maharaja Pran Nath. Construction of this temple, which also is known as Kantanagar Temple and Kantajew Temple began in 1704 CE. This temple stands as an example of terracotta architecture in Bangladesh.

The Kantajew Temple is a religious edifice, which attracts hundreds and thousands of devotees every year.

According to media reports, a group of Islamists have grabbed the temple land for constructing a 3-storied mosque complex. Accordingly, a ceremony was organized for laying the foundation of the mosque with Zakaria Zaka, a local lawmaker from ruling Awami League, a party that boasts of following secularist ideology and pledges of protecting rights of Hindus and religious minorities. Hindu rights groups have condemned such nefarious acts stating construction of the mosque is being initiated by illegally occupying temple land through falsified documents. At this incident local Hindus have expressed extreme discontent saying, constructing mosque on Hindu temple land is not only illegal but at the same time, such heinous acts clearly prove the state of Hindus in Bangladesh, who are being systematically persecuted for decades – even after Bangladesh was liberated in 1971 as a secularist nation.

Unfortunately, attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh are unending and designed to cleanse the religious minority from the country gradually. According to a study by Professor Abul Barakat of Dhaka University, the Hindu population in Bangladesh shall be zero by 2050 because of systematic persecution.

Temple desecration, land grabbing, mob attacks after false blasphemy charges, rape/forced conversion of women, and hate speech are tools used to intimidate and drive Hindus out of the country. Even recently, when Al Qaeda-connected ultra-Islamist Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) launched “India Out” movement in Bangladesh they are portraying Hindus as “agents of India” while some of the BNP leaders even are going further by branding Hindus as “protectors of India’s interest” in Bangladesh.

Few years ago, Bangladesh Nationalist Party drew controversy when it served beef to its Hindu members who were invited to an Iftar party. Several Hindu leaders of the BNP expressed their discontentment during the event. Many labelled the treatment meted out to them as ‘downright communal’. Some party members also took to Facebook to display their angst.

Following January 7, 2024 general elections which were boycotted by BNP, at least one Hindu male named Barun Ghosh was hacked to death, a dozen others attacked and injured and scores of houses belonging to Hindus looted across Bangladesh.

In March 2024, Hindu students protested against the decision to cook beef in the dining hall of Jessore Science and Technology University. They alleged that to hurt the religious sentiments of the Hindu students, some people in the university administration did this.

In February 2024, it was reported in the local media that some Muslim landgrabbers were attempting to grab land of 30 Hindu families in Patuakhali district in Bangladesh by forcefully evicting them.

Media reports further said, back in 2021 Muslim landgrabber named Harun Qari and his brothers forcefully grabbed three acres land of a Hindu resident named Naren Rakshit and compelled him in fleeing to India. Local authorities did not come-forward in saving Rakshit. Being encouraged at this incident, Harun Qari and others continued notorious bids in forcing other Hindu families in leaving the country by abandoning their properties.

It is further learnt, if Hindus refuse to leaving Bangladesh or leave their properties, Muslim gangs intensify persecution which includes physical assault, lodging false cases and even gang rape.

In March 2024, a Hindu female teacher named Pubali Mitra of Alampur Dakshin Para Adarsha Primary School was publicly mercilessly beaten by an assistant teacher named Humayun Kabir. Although Ms. Mitra lodged a complaint with the competent authorities no action was taken against Humayun Kabir as local Muslim leaders came forward in his defense. Instead, Pubali Mitra was threatened of being sacked from the job.

On March 19, 2024, an elderly Hindu female was severely beaten with bamboo stick in Bangladesh for the “crime” of chewing betel leaf during the month of Ramadan.

According to eyewitnesses, Pratibha Rani was confronted by a Muslim male named Nurul Amin Natehra village, located within the No. 7 Barakul Union of Hajiganj, under Chandpur district in Bangladesh. A furious Nurul Amin charged Pratibha Rani why being a Hindu was “showing disrespect to the holy month of Ramadan and chewing betel leaf in public”. As Pratibha Rani tried to defend stating being a Hindu why she should observe fasting, an angry Nurul Amin began beating her mercilessly with a bamboo stick, while the incident was watched by dozens of people. No one came forward to save the elderly woman. While beating Pratibha Rani, a furious Nurul Amin said, “a Kafir” who disrespects Islam deserves stern punishment.

Eye witnesses said, while beating Pratibha Rani, Nurul Amin shouted saying “Today I will kill you bastard. This is a Muslim country, and if you want to live here, you have to follow the rules of Islam”.

On March 15, 2024, Islamists attacked a Hindu man named Rajiv Kumar Dey for keeping his restaurant open during the daytime in the month of Ramzan. The incident took place in Sylhet city of Bangladesh.

According to media reports, the accused was identified as Sohail Hassan, a member of the Chhatra League, the student wing of ruling Awami League.

On the night of March 20, 2024, a Muslim youth named Muhammad Mahmudul Hassan broke into the Kali Mata temple in Hatkhola village under the Shiyalkol union of Sirajganj district and attempted to break the Kali Mata murti. Local Hindus immediately rushed on the spot and handed Hassan to police.

Despite such continuous attacks on Hindus in the country, local media outlets in Bangladesh show reluctance or unwillingness in publishing reports of these incidents, mostly because they fear reaction from the local Muslims including the authorities concerned.


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