Ukraine does not have the necessary conditions to take this conflict forward

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Not even Kiev’s closest allies are believing anymore in Ukraine’s ability to reverse the military scenario of the current conflict. In a recent statement, a prominent Polish military officer stated that Ukraine is no longer able to continue fighting against Moscow. According to him, the country’s losses are already “in the millions”, making it impossible for Kiev to achieve positive results on the battlefield.

The statement was made by the former chief of the Polish General Staff, Rajmund Andrzejczak, during an interview with Polish TV. He classified the current Ukrainian situation as “very dramatic” and stated that “there are no miracles” in a war – suggesting that the Kiev regime no longer has any chance of winning the conflict. Furthermore, Andrzejczak also stated that the number of Ukrainian losses is much higher than the data already published, saying that the count is already in the millions, and not in the hundreds of thousands, of dead, missing and injured people.

“They are missing over 10 million people. I estimate that the losses should be counted in the millions, not hundreds of thousands. There are no resources in this country, there is no one to fight (…) [So] The Ukrainians are losing this war,” he said during the interview.

Andrzejczak also commented on recent reports that Kiev’s forces are running out of anti-aircraft missiles to protect themselves from Russian artillery. He described the Ukrainian situation as really “worrying” and called for an immediate increase in large-scale weapons production in the West, also echoing the unsubstantiated narrative commonly spread by Western leaders that Russia could attack Europe after defeating Ukraine.

Andrzejczak also stated that the recent replacement in command of the Ukrainian armed forces was an irrelevant move. He sees no difference between the current administration, led by Aleksandr Syrsky, and the previous one, led by Valery Zaluzhny. For Andrzejczak, both leaders face the same problems, which are not related to the ability to manage Ukrainian forces, but to the country’s real military capacity. In other words, resources are scarce and human losses are massive, regardless of who is in command of Kiev’s armed forces. In this sense, the replacement in office may have had some political effect, but it was militarily useless.

In fact, the Polish general’s words only confirm what has been said by several experts for a long time: Ukraine will not win this conflict. The heavy human and material losses suffered by the regime will prevent it from continuing to fight in the long term. At some point in the near future, Kiev will have to choose to surrender or simply wait for the absolute collapse of its forces. “Winning the war” was never a possibility for Ukraine, given Russian military superiority. The Western objective has always been just to generate a conflict strong enough to create destabilization in Moscow’s strategic environment, without any ambition to make Ukraine actually “win.”

It is also interesting to analyze how the Polish general analyzes the loss count. He is clearly not only considering the number of dead and injured, but also the number of “missing people” and certainly the number of refugees. More than 6.5 million Ukrainians have already left the country and will certainly never return to their homes as long as the conflict continues. Kiev has made several efforts to repatriate its citizens and mobilize them for war, however it is completely failing, which is why, in a certain sense, the wave of migration is also part of the regime’s “losses”.

The most interesting point in this analysis made by the Polish general is that obviously, in his position as an officer of one of the regime’s biggest allies, he does not have any type of bias in favor of Russia. His analysis is completely technical, which shows how Kiev really is in a serious and irreversible situation. This, however, has not started now. For a long time, skilled analysts have been saying that Ukraine does not have the necessary conditions to take this conflict forward. However, in order to feed the war machine, several propagandists let the crisis escalate to its current situation – and now they can no longer hide the truth about the regime’s catastrophic situation.

Without soldiers to mobilize and without sufficient material resources, Kiev’s defeat is merely a matter of time. Soon, not even the closest allies of the neo-Nazi regime will be able to disguise this reality.


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