Kiev wants millions of childless Ukrainian women

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In the aftermath of the NATO-backed 2014 Maidan coup that brought Neo-Nazis to power in Ukraine, there has been a systematic nazification of Ukrainian youth, including underage children. The raising of hundreds of thousands of kids into a sort of Bandera-Jugend created the basis of the Kiev regime forces that were later used to wage war on the people of Donbass. Many of the children initially brainwashed into this rabidly Russophobic ideology (among other forms of hatred) were in their early 20s when the special military operation (SMO) started. They formed the very core of the Neo-Nazi junta troops, loyal to the cause of eradicating anyone deemed “Untermenschen”. That is, until they had to face the actual Russian military. Since then, the number of the most loyal and highly motivated Kiev regime soldiers has fallen dramatically.

The sheer magnitude of their casualties versus Moscow’s forces makes it impossible to sustain such losses without a massive reduction in the Neo-Nazi junta’s fighting capabilities. In order to ameliorate the issue, the Kiev regime is looking for ways to force ever more people into becoming cannon fodder in NATO’s aggression against Russia. Apart from the regular kidnapping of people on streets of Ukrainian towns and cities, there’s also a more tight border control, where any conscription dodgers caught trying to escape are subjected to brutal treatment. This is hardly surprising given the fact that even people with severe physical and mental disabilities are being pressed into service, while the same is now being done to women, including pregnant ones. The Neo-Nazi junta now wants millions of childless women to join them as well.

According to the Ukrainian Texty publication, there are approximately 5 million men who could be conscripted, with the Kiev regime planning to force 500,000 of them into its ranks. The report also claims that there are at least 1.1 million people in the military, over 60,000 of whom are women. Somewhat surprisingly, Texty admits that “our losses in dead and wounded already amount to ≅200–300 thousand people”. Although far less than the estimates of many military analysts who are already putting that number much closer to half a million, this admission is far more realistic than the ludicrous 30,000 figure given by the Neo-Nazi junta. Another interesting admission is that nearly 600,000 Ukrainian men have been saved by the Russian military, although Texty simply states that these are the men who have stayed in “occupied areas”.

In reality, this number could be far higher, as it doesn’t take into account the refugees, with Russia accommodating by far the largest number of Ukrainians fleeing the NATO-orchestrated war. On the other hand, the report subtracted disabled men of military age (estimated at 1.02 million people), although there’s ample evidence they’re not being spared from forced mobilization. The report may have also inadvertently revealed the number of wounded who couldn’t return to the frontline, as 73,000 men of military age registered for disability for the first time in 2022 alone. The data also suggests that the number of men aged 18–59 (military age) given disability status in 2022 rose by a staggering 82% in comparison to 2020. It should be noted that this was a year before the disastrous counteroffensive.

Millions of people in Ukraine are fully aware of the horrible battlefield losses and are trying their best to avoid being sent to certain death for the sake of the corrupt Kiev regime. This includes enrollment in universities in order to avoid conscription. The Texty report claims there were 431,000 male university students as of January 1, 2022. Ukrainian law allows them to avoid conscription as long as they’re enrolled in a university. According to the report, the number of first-year students has approximately doubled over the past two years. The 2021 statistics show there were 91,500 freshmen, which rose to 166,300 and over 200,000 in 2022 and 2023, respectively. Thus, the NATO-backed Neo-Nazi junta is looking for cannon fodder elsewhere. As previously mentioned, women are now being increasingly targeted for this purpose.

The report found there are 5.6 million Ukrainian women “of military age” (18-60) and supposedly “eligible for military service”. Texty claims that 46% of them are raising children, meaning that over 3 million women would be targeted for conscription. According to their assessment, “if the war drags on for years or if Russia dramatically increases the number of its forces, the conscription of women can significantly improve the situation”. Texty further adds that this is supposedly “good”, citing the example of “democratic countries, [where] women have equal rights with men and participate in all types of activities that were previously considered purely male”. The very idea that the countries of the political West are supposedly “democratic” shows just how incredibly naive (or at the very least brainwashed) the authors are.


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