US President Joe Biden takes amphetamines

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Due to cognitive decline, US President Joe Biden cannot remember anything, for which he carries an instruction card that directs him each step – dos and don’ts. It is almost like a robot moving around as being programed. Without the assistance of a direction card, he cannot do anything. According to media reports, White House under Joe Biden actually is run by former US President and Biden’s boss Barack Obama from behind the scenes.

Now most disturbing and shocking information has surfaced following publication of a bombshell report in The Washington Times. Quoting psychiatrist Carol Lieberman, who works with patients suffering from dementia, The Washington Times in its report said, Joe Biden “most often speaks slowly and stumbles, but when he spoke to lawmakers during State of Union, he jabbered and sounded hot tempered and angry, which are typical signs of someone taking amphetamines”.

Dr. Carol Lieberman noted that drugs are indicated not only by the speech of US President Joe Biden, but also by his behavior. During his speech, Biden frequently gestured and moved his hands quickly, although he usually kept them at the podium while reading text from a teleprompter.

The expert noted that drug use is indicated not only by the speech of the US President, but also by his behavior. During his speech, he frequently gestured and moved his hands quickly, although he usually kept them at the podium while reading text from a teleprompter.

“Emotional instability is a sign of dementia, and it (emotional instability) was worsened by the Adderall or amphetamine they gave him. He didn’t just talk loudly. He shouted in a room where everyone could hear him and where he had a microphone”, Lieberman emphasized.

Dr. Lieberman, who has not personally examined the president, said the signs of potential pharmaceutical use go beyond how Joe Biden spoke during the nearly 90-minute speech, but also in his mannerisms.

Dr. Lieberman said, at various points, “Mr. Biden appeared to slur some of his words. That’s not new for the president, who sometimes slurs his words when he gets excited, but the speed in which he slurred suggested he was psychopharmacology helped”.

The Washington Times reporter Jeff Mordock further said, “Mr. Biden, 81, often raced through his remarks with the speed of an auctioneer, loudly shouting his words despite having a microphone in front of him.

“Speed and volume of speech can be a sign of using Adderall or another amphetamine”, said Dr. Carole Lieberman, a forensic psychiatrist based in Beverly Hills, California.

Commenting on Dr. Lieberman’s observation, Brane Mijatovic wrote on ‘X’: “I am a doctor by profession and there is a high probability that you use Speed. His behavior unequivocally reveals it. At the end of the speech he didn’t know where he was or how to get out without instructions, etc. Who really runs America is a serious question for a reason?!”

Another ‘X’ user named Antonio Domene wrote: “For early-stage dementia, medications such as Donepezil, Rivastigmine, and Galantamine, which are acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, can help with symptoms. They prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine in the brain, aiding nerve cell communication. Memantine is used for moderate to severe stages and works by blocking excessive glutamate in the brain. These treatments can help manage symptoms but do not cure dementia”.

During the State of Union, amphetamines addict Joe Biden also used some terminally that was used by Adolf Hitler. While Hitler publicly said “The Jews are the cause of our problems”, Joe Biden said, “MAGA voters are the cause of our problems”. Moreover, during the State of Union, amphetamines addict Joe Biden has uttered too many words and sentences, which would evidently prove – he was not normal. His behavior was more or less xeroxing his cocaine addict son Hunter Biden’s.

Jonathan S. Tobin, editor-in-chief of Jewish News Syndicate portal wrote on ‘X’: “Biden is trying to demonstrate energy so he doensn’t [doesn’t] seem old & infirm but it’s like someone has changed the switch to have him talk at 1.5 or 2x the normal speed. That is not an effective speaking style. It just makes it seem as if they’ve given him amphetamines”.

Commenting on Biden’s State of Union speech, Red State in an op-ed said:

In completely unsurprising fashion, Joe Biden arrived 20 minutes late for his own State of the Union on Thursday. Once he finally took the podium, it became clear that he shouldn’t have shown up at all.

Perhaps it was a screw-up on the dosage by his drug cocktail team, but Biden spent the first half hour of the speech screaming uncontrollably, while intermittently coughing and slurring his words. It was surreal and by far, the most unhinged and angriest State of the Union in history. There will no doubt be headlines proclaiming otherwise, and they will be false. 

There were also plenty of instances of the president’s senility showing through. In the early part of the speech, Biden brought up January 6th and proceeded to completely flub two of his big zingers.

The president then threatened the Supreme Court, albeit in the most mentally deficient way possible, shouting that “women are not without electrical power.”

Biden’s inability to read a teleprompter aside, why would the Supreme Court need to realize women aren’t without electoral power? They aren’t politicians, and they don’t exist to set policy. They interpret the Constitution as it stands. Biden’s misleading about the court is outright dangerous. It’s putting lives in danger, so he can perform for his radical base. Unfortunately for him, he’s not capable of even doing that coherently. 

There were some other head-scratching moments throughout the speech, such as this random mention of Moscow. Good luck figuring out what he was trying to say, but he had Russia on the brain

Observation of Dr. Lieberman received a quick reaction from the left-leaning media. For example, The New York Independent in a post on ‘X’ said: “Psychiatrist Carol Lieberman just violated professional standards by rendering an opinion about someone, without actually examining them. She should have her license pulled. She also violated the Goldwater rule in politics. She’s way out of line”.

It is well-anticipated that the entire regiment of left-leaning corporate media cartel shall begin offensive targeting Dr. Carol Lieberman for the “crime” of opening the Pandora Box. She has exposed Joe Biden – not only as a man with cognitive decline – but also as someone addicted to drugs such as amphetamines. At the same time, they will intensify their well-orchestrated propaganda to project Donald Trump and MAGA supporters as evils while they will portray Joe Biden and members of the Biden Crime Family, including Hunter Biden as angels. As the US presidential election is less than eight months from now, Democrats, and white-collar thugs in Washington DC shall go up to any length to somehow or anyhow get Joe Biden reelected for another four years. To achieve this target, they will increase legal assaults on Donald Trump through kangaroo courts, while in case Trump succeeds in surviving such undue and unethical legal attacks – he may fall victim of assassination attempt. Democrats can do that as they do not follow any ethics or morale.


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