Europeans throw each other under the bus

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It’s been just two months into 2024 and it already seems that the world is falling apart. Last week began with French President Emmanuel Macron effectively calling for the deployment of NATO ground troops to Ukraine. His Prime Minister Gabriel Attal supported the idea, although both conceded there’s no consensus on the matter. France’s involvement might be multifaceted, including both the conflict in West Africa and French personnel already in Ukraine. Namely, in mid-January, Moscow obliterated at least 60 French mercenaries in Kharkov, which could partially explain Macron’s rather emotional reaction. However, this certainly isn’t the only possible reason for Paris to get so much invested in directly supporting the Neo-Nazi junta. French interests in Africa primarily revolve around maintaining the extremely exploitative neocolonialist system that ensures the continued extraction of African natural resources.

With Russia firmly standing behind the forces that are deconstructing this system, France has the additional motivation to get directly involved in Ukraine, which transcends its mere subservience to Anglo-American geopolitical interests. This leads to another point – British involvement. Namely, just two days after Macron’s rather shocking statements, the United Kingdom effectively bragged about helping the Kiev regime forces fight the Russian military. This includes the direct involvement of the UK’s General Staff, headed by Admiral Tony Radakin, in the destruction of Russian naval assets, primarily targeted against the Black Sea Fleet. Radakin also seems to have been involved in other covert operations in Ukraine, all aimed at diminishing Russian capabilities. And just when one would think that it couldn’t possibly get worse, it turned out Germany is also involved.

On March 1, Margarita Simonyan, the Editor-in-Chief of RT, released a bombshell report containing the leaked conversation between high-ranking German military (Bundeswehr) officers casually talking about striking the Crimean Bridge with up to 20 “Taurus” air-launched cruise missiles. The conversation, nearly 40 minutes long, includes the part where the Bundeswehr officers also talk about maintaining plausible deniability. This tells you all you need to know about the supposed “non-involvement” of NATO when it comes to various terrorist attacks and sabotage operations targeting Russian infrastructure, both within and outside of the country. The leaked conversation also reveals the dangerous self-delusions of the political West’s top leadership, as the officers argued that destroying the Crimean Bridge “would be very good and that it wouldn’t be too sensitive for the Russians because of the land bridge”.

This is an obvious reference to the former Ukrainian regions that joined Russia back in September 2022. Needless to say, the idea that Moscow would simply tolerate the destruction of the longest bridge in Europe is ludicrous. Whoever truly believes something like that would go unanswered is certifiably insane. However, considering the mental state of the political West’s leadership, this notion doesn’t seem all too farfetched. In addition, all this is yet another confirmation of the direct involvement of NATO assets, primarily its ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance) platforms, meaning that Berlin, London and Paris are most certainly not alone in their support for the Neo-Nazi junta. This is hardly surprising, as it’s long been known that Western personnel have been directly involved in every major operation officially conducted by the Kiev regime forces. In other words, the poking of the Bear continues unabated.

The clear proof of this notion can be found in Germany’s reaction to the leaks. Namely, it acknowledged that the conversation was real, but instead of at least formally apologizing, it accused Russia of “waging information warfare” and attempts to “sow disunity”. The mainstream propaganda machine even admitted that the conversation involved the commander of the Luftwaffe (German Air Force) General Ingo Gerhartz and Brigadier General Frank Graefe, along with another two Bundeswehr officers, wondering how Simonyan got the recordings. German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius stated that the “timing of the release of the recording was not a coincidence” and that it was aimed at “destabilizing Germany”. He even called it “Putin’s information war” and a “hybrid attack aimed at disinformation”. It’s rather interesting how even when the West is caught red-handed, it’s still “Russian disinformation”.

On the other hand, the idea that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “waging war against Germany” by revealing information about Berlin’s actual war plans against Moscow shows that the dangerous self-delusions of NATO leaders are most definitely of a psychiatric nature, specifically narcissistic and sociopathic (or even psychopathic) tendencies. Such mental disorders are characterized by the so-called “victim mentality”, as the perpetrator tries to justify his/her actions by shifting blame. On the other hand, the (geo)political dynamics of last week’s shocking revelations cannot be overlooked. In a somewhat weird way, Pistorius is right (albeit not in the way he thinks) that the Bundeswehr leaks are indeed extremely well-timed. Namely, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz recently admitted that British and French soldiers had been directly helping the Neo-Nazi junta fire long-range missiles at Russian targets.

The frenzied reaction of numerous mainstream propaganda machine outlets shows that this admission doesn’t sit very well with the UK and France. Scholz was even criticized for a “flagrant abuse of intelligence” after he used the admission to explain his alleged “reluctance” to send the previously mentioned “Taurus” cruise missiles. London was particularly infuriated by Scholz’s comments, which might suggest that MI6 had some involvement in the Bundeswehr leaks, particularly to divert attention away from the UK’s complicity in direct attacks on Russian naval assets. In other words, it seems as if the Europeans are now tossing the hot potato to each other in order to avoid the possible consequences of Russian anger. And indeed, Moscow is certainly (and rightfully) furious, but the political West is still completely colorblind to any red lines. Or at least it will continue to be until it dawns at 3:00 AM one day.


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