Kremlin should not expect decency from Joe Biden

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America’s brain-dead president Joe Biden, who is run from behind the screen by Barack Hussain Obama recently had called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu an “a**hole” on three different occasions, while lately calling Russian President Vladimir Putin a “crazy S.O.B.” during a public event. According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Joe Biden’s alleged name-calling occurred during a fundraiser on February 20, 2024. Peskov said, “This is a great disgrace for [the US]. If the president of that nation uses that kind of language, that is shameful”.

The Kremlin spokesman suggested that Biden was emulating a “Hollywood cowboy” to appeal to domestic audiences. Such remarks “can hardly hurt any foreign head of state, let alone President Putin”, Dmitry Peskov added.

In this case, I would like to humbly mention some matters which may give reasons behind such nasty behavior of Joe Biden.

First of all – Joe Biden does not know who his biological father is although this matter did not appear in the media.

Secondly, according to media reports, talking to Greg Kelly during a Newsmax TV program America’s First Lady Jill Biden’s ex-husband Bill Stevenson claimed that Jill cheated on him with Joe Biden and said that during his divorce with the first lady, he also faced intimidation at the hands of the president’s brother Frankie Biden.

It may be mentioned here that Joe Biden was dating Jill when his wife was alive.

Thirdly, Ashley Biden in her diary has claimed that her father Joe Biden attempted illicit physical relations with her when he took her into the shower. She also hinted that her father was a pedophile. Ashley said in her diary (pages 67-68) that she waited until late at night to take a shower, because she was afraid of her father coming in with her and making sexual attempts.

In the diary, Ashley also claimed herself as a drug and sex addict.

Fourthly, following the death of Beau Biden, Joe and Jill Biden allowed Hunter Biden in establishing illicit relationship with Beau’s widow Hallie Olivere Biden alias Hallie Biden, while it was even rumored that Joe had also attempted sexual relations with his own daughter-in-law – Hallie.

Fifthly, Joe Biden’s scandal-plagued son Hunter Biden was having physical relations with his cousin Caroline Biden while both were also having drugs and joining orgy parties. Caroline is the daughter of Joe Biden’s younger brother James Biden – one of the prominent members of the Biden Crime Family.

According to media reports, Caroline also hates her uncle Joe Biden, although she did not disclose the reason, although with Ashley’s allegation, one can easily understand the reasons behind such hatred.

Sixthly, Joe Biden has been criticized multiple times for “patterns of lies” and corruption even by the US House Committee on Oversight and Accountability.

Seventhly, Joe Biden is not only brain-dead, notoriously corrupt, extremely pervert and a man who doesn’t know the identity of his biological father, he also is a ferociously cruel individual. According to a media report, Joe Biden faced accusation of “scarring” his son Hunter’s estranged 4-year-old daughter with an ex-stripper, who the commander in chief refuses to acknowledge along with his six other grandchildren.

In a column titled “It’s Seven Grandkids, Mr. President”, Maureen Dowd excoriated the family-crazy 80-year-old president for cutting granddaughter Navy Joan Roberts, who is the child of Hunter and former stripper Lunden Alexis Roberts, from the Biden family tree.

“Joe Biden’s mantra has always been that ‘the absolute most important thing is your family.’ It is the heart of his political narrative. Empathy, born of family tragedies, has been his stock in trade”, Dowd wrote.

“Callously scarring Navy’s life, just as it gets started, undercuts that”.

Despite cultivating an image as a devoted and loving grandfather, Biden for his part, has refused to publicly acknowledge his granddaughter in Arkansas — repeatedly telling the world instead that he has only six grandchildren.

This proves – Joe Biden is not only an illegitimate child, an alleged pedophile, a sexually insane individual, a person without minimal character, he also is a heartless individual.

With all of these proven track records and many more that are yet to be revealed by the media – officials at the Kremlin should not feel surprised at Biden’s use of nasty words at Russian President Vladimir Putin. Instead, they need to understand, this is what Americans have for running the White House shows. This is what happens to a falling nation called the United States.


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