Blitz enters into content syndication agreement with SyndiGate


Blitz, a newspaper with print and online edition publishing from Bangladesh has entered into content syndication agreement with SyndiGate, which has been proactively licensing print and digital news, data, images, video and more from publishers across the world.

SyndiGate is a leading global content licensing, sales and distribution agency, specializing in news.

It may be mentioned here that, since its inception in 2007, SyndiGate has been proactively licensing print and digital news, data, images, video and more from publishers across the world.

With an expanding team of media and sales experts, we have grown to become one of the world’s leading content licensing agencies, with dedicated offices and agents in Amman, Dubai, London, Mumbai, Sydney and Tokyo.

SyndiGate was founded to answer increasing demand from global information databases for news and information from the Middle East, Africa and Asia, however its distribution services have since expanded to include academic, government, corporate and B2C clients.

Following the success of its licensed content distribution services, SyndiGate established an office in Dubai to create original, bespoke content for brands looking to enhance their content marketing programs. In just four years, it has worked on major campaigns for world-leading brands and government clients.

SyndiGate is owned by Jordan-based Al Bawaba Group.

SyndiGate has grown from a MENA-focused content licensing agency to a global information machine, powering databases, libraries, corporate clients, governments and brands with the content and data they require.

SyndiGate has collaboration with France24, China Daily, Bloomberg, BBC News, Business Wire, CISION PR newswire, BENZINGA, HEARST, EDI, Janes, LexisNexis, Dow Jones, NewsCred, FactSet, Moody’s Analytics, Thompson Reuters and others.

Meanwhile, FeedSpot, a database of newspapers in the world has listed Blitz amongst Top 25 Bangladesh news websites from thousands of news websites on the web ranked by traffic, social media followers and freshness.


  1. Blitz is the only newspaper that has separate section with research-based contents on counterterrorism, which is certainly one of the key reasons of interest to those who are working in this field. Now having SyndiGate as syndication partner, Blitz shall possibly reach a much bigger size of readers. Congratulations!

  2. Blitz is the only newspaper published from Bangladesh, that has succeeded in winning trust and confidence of millions of readers throughout Europe, because of its editorial policy of publishing truth without bias or prejudice. I have been reading Blitz since 2019 and found, for example, while publishing contents on Russia’s war in Ukraine, it does not copy-paste Western propaganda. It publishes truth. Of course for this reason, many in the West, including NewsGuard or Ukrainian media may attempt to portray this newspaper as Russian propaganda machine, nothing can actually contaminate our trust in this newspaper.

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