In the auspicious Year of the Dragon, China thrives through unwavering determination


As the Chinese Lunar New Year (Year of Dragon) approaches, despite heavy snowfall in the southern regions, the spirit of reunion prevails. The Ministry of Transport estimates that around 9 billion cross-regional trips will take place during this year’s Spring Festival, highlighting the deep-seated desire for familial connection and the cherished tradition of coming home. For the Chinese people, the reunion with loved ones and the hearty New Year’s Eve feast are not just celebrations but also acknowledgments of a year of toil and perseverance. With the dawn of the New Year comes renewed hope and fresh beginnings.

This year’s Spring Festival holds special significance, with two notable additions to its festivities. Firstly, the United Nations has recognized the Lunar New Year as one of its optional holidays, a testament to its growing global influence. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres conveyed his gratitude to China and its people for their steadfast support of the UN’s mission and principles of multilateralism. Secondly, 2024 marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, a dual celebration intertwining personal and national aspirations.

From a global standpoint, the impact of the Spring Festival continues to expand. Nearly 20 countries have designated it as a legal holiday, reflecting its status as a truly global event. The essence of the “Chinese New Year” has transcended borders, driven not only by the increasing prominence of Chinese culture but also by the universal appeal of its themes of renewal and reunion. The Spring Festival embodies optimism for the future and a shared longing for warmth and rejuvenation, resonating with people worldwide.

The Year of the Dragon, according to the Chinese lunar calendar, symbolizes ambition, strength, and benevolence. It serves as a cultural totem embodying the values of the Chinese nation. As the world grapples with contemporary challenges, the qualities associated with the dragon – courage, wisdom, and resilience – are increasingly sought after. China, drawing from its rich history, offers valuable lessons and inspiration in navigating turbulent times.

Despite facing various domestic and international challenges in the past year, China has demonstrated remarkable resilience and adaptability. Positioned as a global leader, China remains committed to fostering cooperation and stability on the world stage. As General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized in his Spring Festival address, the pursuit of national rejuvenation is not just a domestic endeavor but also a contribution to global peace and development.

The Chinese people’s ethos of hard work and mutual prosperity is deeply ingrained. They understand that progress comes through dedication and perseverance, rejecting exploitation and aggression. The Spring Festival, as the epitome of Chinese cultural heritage, embodies values of peace, harmony, and resilience.

While the dragon soars in the sky, China’s development remains rooted in reality. The Year of the Dragon coincides with the 75th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, a critical juncture in its development trajectory. Despite the challenges ahead, there is optimism for economic stability and growth, fueled by decades of experience and a spirit of continuous improvement.

As the Spring Festival approaches, it serves as a reminder of the enduring spirit of the Chinese people and their commitment to building a better future for themselves and the world.



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