Russia celebrates Diplomatic Worker’s Day on February 10


On the occasion of the Diplomatic Worker’s Day – a professional holiday that unites all the employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, working both in Moscow and many missions abroad, His Excellency Mr. Alexander Mantytskiy, Ambassador of Russia to Bangladesh in a message said:

February 10 marks the. While the holiday was officially established quite recently – in 2002, the choice of the date holds great historic significance, as it goes back to the earliest documented mention of the Ambassadorial Prikaz – Russia’s first department in charge of external relations – in February 1549. The holiday symbolizes the continuity of the Russian diplomatic service, demonstrates its professional unity and noble guiding principles and ideals.

Throughout the centuries-long history, Russian diplomats have been attaching great importance to learning the languages of those foreign countries where they happen to serve. The understanding and respect for national traditions and habits, aspirations and ambitions have always been the core values professed by the Russian diplomatic service.

From the early XVII century, during the rule of the Russian emperor Peter the Great, Asian countries entered the scope of Russia’s external engagements. The increasing number of trade and political contacts naturally required experts with linguistic and communication skills. This necessity led to the establishment of relevant educational institutions in Russia. Today, there are many universities offering profound education in Oriental studies, such as the Institute for Asian and African countries and MGIMO University in Moscow, the Oriental Faculty of the Saint-Petersburg State University, the Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok, and many others. The Bengali language holds a special place among other Asian languages taught in Russia and attracts those willing to work in South Asia.

The Russian Embassy in Dhaka is proud to have in its ranks a few Bengali speaking diplomats. Their skills are not only essential in everyday functioning of the diplomatic mission, but also appear much in demand during various protocol occasions. For instance, on October 5, 2023, during the solemn ceremony marking the delivery of fresh nuclear fuel to the Rooppur NPP, the speech of Russian President Vladimir Putin was translated in Bengali in the real-time mode by a MGIMO alumni, presently working in Dhaka.

While celebrating its professional holiday on February 10, the Russian Embassy in Dhaka extends its warm greetings to the hospitable and friendly people of Bangladesh, who make the work of Russian diplomats a meaningful and cheerful experience.



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