British main aircraft carrier faces technical problems


Britain’s HMS Queen Elizabeth, commissioned in 2017 and the country’s main aircraft carrier, will not participate in NATO’s Steadfast Defender-2024 exercise due to a technical problem, the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy announced on February 4. This humiliating development comes as London continues to make ambitious and unhinged claims, such as the sending of NATO expeditionary forces to Ukraine and to impose a no-fly zone over the embattled country.

“Routine pre-sailing checks yesterday identified an issue with a coupling on @HMSQNLZ (HMS Queen Elizabeth’s) starboard propeller shaft. As such, the ship will not sail on Sunday. @HMSPWLS will take her place on NATO duties and will set sail for Exercise Steadfast Defender as soon as possible,” the Royal Navy said on X.

The aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales will set sail for the military exercise in place of HMS Queen Elizabeth “as soon as possible,” the statement added.

NATO’s Steadfast Defender-2024 started at the end of January and involves around 90,000 troops from all 31 member states of the bloc, including Sweden, which is in the process of completing membership following Turkey’s approval and pressure on Hungary. The exercises are a clear show of force against Russia, yet the non-appearance of HMS Queen Elizabeth is a humiliating blow to not only the prestige of Britain as a main agitator against Russia but the entirety of NATO.

London has only been increasing war rhetoric despite Moscow’s assurances that it does not want conflict with any NATO members. Considering that HMS Queen Elizabeth is the Fleet Flagship of the British Royal Navy, not participating in exercises with the sole purpose of intimidating Russia demonstrates that Britain’s ambitions and continued aggressive rhetoric are far removed from its actual capabilities.

It is recalled that in his first speech as UK Defence Minister at the end of January, Grant Shapps predicted a conflict between the West and Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea and called on his allies to increase their military spending to combat this so-called “existential threat.”

Speaking on a trip to Washington DC, Shapps said that we are now “living in more and more dangerous times” and that conflicts will likely grow in 2024, adding that the West must be “very, very clear that this is existential – it’s not just about Ukraine.” He then falsely alluded that Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea are in a military alliance

In his speech, Shapps also stated that during his tenure in office, he will further increase military spending, which already includes sending $3.2 billion in aid to Ukraine, and that the money will be used to pressure other allies and partners to match their commitment.

Shapps is not the first member of high-ranking Britain to predict a full-scale war with Russia.

UK Chief of Staff General Patrick Sanders called on the British authorities during a speech at the International Armoured Vehicles exhibition in London on January 24 to “mobilise the nation” to prepare for a war with Russia. Sanders stressed the need for a “shift” in the minds of the British public to be mentally ready for a military conflict with Russia and called for a “citizen army” ready for a land war.

Even more ridiculous than suggesting “an existential threat” and calling for a citizen army to fight Russia is the idea of sending NATO expeditionary forces to Ukraine and imposing a no-fly zone against Russia.

According to RIA Novosti, the UK proposed to NATO members to send a joint expeditionary force to Ukraine, which is “in connection with the unfavourable developments in the Ukrainian theatre of military operations for Kiev.” Reportedly, Britain also called on NATO to consider imposing a no-fly zone over Ukraine and to increase military aid.

London’s idea of ​​sending NATO troops to Ukraine is absolutely detached from reality, something even more evident after the Flagship of the British navy could not even make it to the main military exercise employed by the alliance to pressure Russia. Rather, Britain has been in terminal decline since the end of World War II but still behaves as if it is at the peak of its once mighty empire. This concoction leads to unhinged rhetoric and ideas that lead to gaffs.

There is widespread consensus that Russia has complete air, logistical and munitions dominance, and any expeditionary force would be quickly eliminated. Thus, Britain is proposing for all NATO alliance members to recklessly put their personnel at risk for a futile war effort. For this reason, Britain’s ludicrous suggestion would be quickly rejected by the bulk of NATO.


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