Beneath the garb of secularism, trickery and mockery continues


On January 22, 2024 when Indian Hindus celebrated the Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha making an end of the shocking history of Mughal invader Babur’s forceful occupation and destruction of Ram Temple and constructing a mosque on it, so-called secularists in India as well as anti-Hindu media cartels such as BBC, CNN etcetera began orchestrated propaganda with the agenda of misleading the international community and even giving instigation to Islamists in waging jihad against India, Indians and Hindus. Shockingly these media outlets even don’t mention the historical background of how the birthplace of Lord Ram was destroyed by Muslim Mughal invaders and replaced by a mosque on the site.

Hindus believe that the site in the northern town of Ayodhya is the birthplace of god-king Lord Ram and want a temple built on the ruins of Babri mosque that was torn down by zealots in 1992, triggering riots across the country.

Muslims want the 16th century mosque to be rebuilt and leaders from the two sides have been arguing over the matter for decades.

Commenting on the Ram Mandir, an article in The Sunday Guardian said:

The Ayodhya controversy was a standing example of a modern nation’s cruel insensitivity towards the Hindu community under the garb of a false secularism; it failed to empathize, assuage and do justice to the hurt and faith of the Hindus, despite overwhelming historical, cultural and archeological evidence.

Ayodhya has been irrevocably and definitively associated with the Hindu deity Shri Ram since time immemorial. The ancient epic Ramayana, whose oral tradition goes back to 5000 years BC, identifies Ayodhya as the capital of the Ikshvaku kings and the birthplace of Shri Ram. The celebrated Sanskrit poet Kalidasa (4th-5th century CE) refers to Ayodhya in his poem Raghuvamsa.

Negativists out to demean and trivialize the Hindu religion claimed that the legendary Ayodhya was a myth and Shri Ram was a mere caricature from a fairytale. Moreover, these scholars contended that modern Ayodhya came into existence only in the 4-5th century CE when the Gupta king Skandagupta moved his capital to Saket (site of present-day Ayodhya) and renamed it as Ayodhya.

Skandagupta is supposed to have consecrated 360 temples in Ayodhya and the subsequent 11th century Gahadavala dynasty erected numerous temples for Vishnu here that survived till the reign of Aurangzeb.

So even if we take this contorted timeline to be valid, it cannot negate the fact that Ayodhya was sacrosanct to Hindus for at least a thousand years before Babur’s general Mir Baqi allegedly demolished a Ram temple and erected a mosque in its place in 1528…

But, at the same time – very unfortunately, a section of Indian media outlets, those proclaim to be secularists have joined the well-orchestrated and notorious anti-Hindu propaganda by demonizing Hindus, ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Prime Minister Narendra Modi and others for the “crime” of recovering the birthplace of Lord Ram from the evil captivity of Mughal invaders. While reading those Indian media, one would certainly get confused thinking – whether they are reading Pakistani media or Al Qaeda and Islamic State (ISIS) propaganda vessels.

Actions of these insane Western media and their “secularist” media mercenaries in India and elsewhere shockingly prove their nefarious agenda of rejecting rights of Hindus – the third-largest religion in the world. It is well assumed, several rights groups as well as Western organizations and institutions will join such anti-Hindu insanity by issuing statements targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the ruling BJP and other nationalist forces in India by branding them as “persecutors of Muslims” or even “enemies of Islam”.

At one stage, politically bankrupt Indian National Congress (INC) and those so-called leftists may also join Western and Muslim media’s anti-Hindu propaganda centering the Ram Mandir to appease Muslim voters. But such attempts won’t bring anything good either to Congress and its leaders – particular the scions of Nehru Dynasty – Rahul Gandhi, the secret blue-eyed boy of Colombian Cali Cartel or Hindu-hater Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, as according to popular opinion, under the magnanimous statesmanship of Narendra Modi, BJP shall win another landslide during April-May general elections in India.

One important centering Political West’s – especially America’s trickery and mockery beneath secularism needs to be raised here. While the United States continues to preach keeping religion away from politics or maintaining so-called secularist spirit, we know the American dollar proudly says – “In God we trust” or its leaders take oath by setting hand on Bible. Clearly it proves – the definition of “God” here is the Christian God while with mandatory rules of taking oath by setting hand on Bible proves – in the American official policy – there is actually no place for any other religion except Christianity. In this case – what do the American policymakers actually mean through the terminology or definition of “secularism”? What would the Western policymakers do if any church was demolished by any invader and turned it into a mosque? Aren’t the Western media continuously criticizing Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for forcibly converting Hagia Sophia church into a mosque?

In my opinion, each and every Hindu temple which was demolished by Mughal invaders and turned into mosques should be transformed into temples. According to my knowledge, there are plenty of such temples that include Somnath Temple (Gujarat), Krishna Janmabhoomi or Kesava Deo Temple (Mathura, Uttara Pradesh), Kashi Viswanath Temple (Varanasi), Vishveshwur Temple, Govind Dev Temple (Mathura), Vijay Temple (Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh), Bhima Devi Temple (Pinjore, Haryana), Madan Mahan Temple (Kali Ghat, Vrindavan) and many others.


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