Corporate media makes frantic propaganda targeting Donald Trump


As the specter of a Donald Trump comeback looms over the 2024 presidential election, corporate media in the United States, Britain, and beyond is launching a fervent propaganda campaign against the former president and his MAGA supporters.

Media outlets, particularly in the US and Britain, have escalated their attacks on Trump and his supporters, branding them as “fascists” or members of the “cult of Trump”. The Guardian’s recent article, “There is still a way to stop Donald Trump – but time is running out”, exemplifies this trend. The piece portrays Trump’s potential victory as a dire outcome and explores the hopes of a few Republicans who oppose him.

The Guardian in the article wrote:

The few Republicans who have not succumbed to the cult of Donald Trump cling to one last hope. They are crossing their fingers that on Tuesday night the ex-president’s march to his party’s nomination will be halted, or at least delayed, by a defeat in the New Hampshire primary at the hands of the former governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley. But it is a thin hope.

Even if [Nikki] Haley wins a famous victory in this snowbound state, the battles ahead are on terrain far more tricky for her and congenial to him. On Monday, Trump won his party’s contest in Iowa by a record-breaking margin, amassing more votes than all his rivals combined – and the primary electorates that come next look more like Iowa’s than New Hampshire’s, which, unusually, includes a big slice of Trump-sceptic independents. When you combine that with surveys that show Trump even – or better than even – with Joe Biden, making him many forecasters’ favorite to win the White House in November, it prompts a question that confounds blue-state America and baffles most of the rest of the world. Given all that he’s said and all that he’s done, given all that he is, why do so many Americans want Donald Trump to be their next president?

It further said:

Trump has been aided, too, by the opponent he hopes to face in November. Initially, many Republicans were wary of backing Trump because they feared he would lose (again) to Biden. But as the president’s numbers continue to bump along the bottom, that fear has receded. Biden’s parlous standing is not chiefly about his record, but something he can do nothing about: how old he is and, more important, how old he seems. One poll found that just 34% of Americans believe the 82-year-old Biden would complete a second term. Biden’s frailty has led Republicans to dismiss the electability argument that might have compelled them to look for an alternative to Trump.

And yet, an uncomfortable truth has to be faced. That Donald Trump is very possibly set to return to the Oval Office is not only down to the weakness of others; it is also a product of his own political strengths. He has a skill lacking in every other major figure in the current US political landscape: the ability to craft a narrative that millions believe. He has, for example, turned what should have been a terminal blow – facing multiple prosecutions and 91 criminal charges – into a winning story, one in which he is a victim of, and courageous fighter against, a liberal establishment engaged in “lawfare”, confecting bogus allegations to keep him from power. That story is false, but it has persuaded nearly half the country.

The media narrative also digs into the weaknesses of Trump’s potential opponents, highlighting Joe Biden’s perceived frailty due to his age and raising doubts about his ability to complete a second term. The media suggests that concerns about Biden’s age have diminished the fear among Republicans that Trump would lose to him, potentially contributing to Trump’s favorable prospects in the 2024 election.

The article acknowledges that Trump’s potential return to the Oval Office is not solely due to the weaknesses of others but is also a result of his own political strengths. Trump’s unique ability to craft a narrative that resonates with millions, even in the face of legal challenges, is identified as a key factor in his enduring appeal. The media contends that nearly half the country buys into Trump’s narrative of being a victim fighting against a liberal establishment engaged in “lawfare”.

The media, while acknowledging Trump’s political strengths, points out that his opponents are weaker than necessary to halt his momentum. The core issue of any election—the economy—may favor Trump, and the article suggests he has a plausible path back to the White House. The media recognizes that the best chance to stop Trump may have already passed, particularly with the Senate’s decision not to convict him on “incitement of insurrection” charges in his second impeachment.

The article briefly outlines key candidates for the 2024 election, with Trump, Nikki Haley, and Ron DeSantis among the Republican contenders. On the Democratic side, Joe Biden stands as the presumptive nominee, facing concerns about his age and approval ratings. The media suggests that the Democratic Party lacks strong alternatives to challenge Trump’s potential resurgence.

According to Reuters, three Republican candidates are jostling to be their party’s presidential nominee for the 2024 general election, while President Joe Biden is the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee, and several third-party hopefuls have joined the fray. The candidates are:

Donald Trump (Republican Party), Nikki Haley (Republican Party), Ron DeSantis (Republican Party), Joe Biden (Democratic Party, already the oldest US president ever, will have to convince voters he has the stamina for another four years in office, amid concerns about his age and poor approval ratings), Marianne Williamson (Justice & Love), Dean Phillips (a little-known US congressman from Minnesota, announced in October he would mount a long-shot challenge to Biden because he does not believe the president can win another term), Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Independent), Cornel West (Green Party), and Jill Stein (Green Party).

If we carefully look into the list of six candidates, we can easily assume – there is no chance for Nikki Haley or Ron DeSantis in defeating Donald Trump in the race. Trump shall easily get Republican Party’s nomination. And on the other side – Democratic Party until now has just Joe Biden – a candidate who would most definitely lose. Even a large segment of Democrats won’t vote for Biden.

Meanwhile, top executives of the United States who attended World Economic Forum summit in Davos almost Univocally said – Donald Trump is going to win. They don’t see any chance for Joe Biden winning the election. They even said – under Donald Trump’s presidency “America is gonna be fine”.

As the corporate media intensifies its propaganda against Donald Trump and his supporters, the assessment of the 2024 election landscape reveals a complex interplay of political narratives, candidate strengths, and perceived weaknesses. Trump’s ability to craft a compelling narrative, coupled with the perceived shortcomings of his opponents, contributes to his resilience. The media’s portrayal of the political scenario underscores the significance of narrative-building in shaping public opinion and influencing electoral outcomes.


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