IDF heroes are indeed seeing light at the end of the tunnels


It’s the end of 2023, the start of 2024 and Jews throughout the world are threatened by waves of antisemitism on a scale unprecedented since the 1930’s. During the rise of Adolf Hitler, the Nazis playing on the ignorance of their population and their dormant racism used poor economic conditions as the excuse to wake and galvanize the population into holocaust creation.

Historically antisemitism has its roots in religious intolerance be it Islamic and Christian (or Catholic) fundamentalism starting from the ruling elite who thereafter encouraged an eager raging mob. Present day antisemitism is being performed under a political stage by similar willing parties. An unholy alliance of Islamists and paradoxically fascists from the political left, united to satisfy their orgasmic lust for Jew hatred.

Joseph Goebbels the Nazi propaganda minister recognized that if lies were told often enough to an intellectually imbecilic audience historically saddled with Jew hatred, were the necessary conditions to allow the Nazis to achieve their objectives. And so, it proved.

Perversely modern-day antisemitism is originating from the very organization established to protect all nations states, the United Nations which is the most morally bankrupt institution of our age. It is a body where votes are bought.

Literally votes are bought. It is a body where a country infamous for human rights abuses, Iran, is voted as chair for a six-month period of the actual committee responsible for human rights, the UN’s Human Rights Council. The United Nations is truly The Theatre O The Absurd. So how does this organization politically sanction Jew hatred? It does so through UN Resolutions as I shall explain.

If we take the last two years as common examples, in 2023 the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) passed 21 Resolutions of which 14 were directed at the only Jewish State, Israel, and 7 directed at the rest of the world in total. In 2022 the UNGA passed 28 Resolutions of which 15 were directed at Israel and 13 for the remainder. Since 2015 the UNGA has adopted 208 Resolutions of which 140 have been directed at Israel and 68 for the other 193 member nations.

If Israel were the only place of conflict globally, a Martian could understand this imbalance. The conflicts in Sudan, Syria, Yemen, the Sahel countries in Northern Africa, Russia and Ukraine, Myanmar and the Rohingyas, Armenia and Azerbaijan, have all but been ignored. But the one and only Jewish state is the UN obsession as the statistics verify.

The methodology works thus. Oil rich Arab nations propose and pass Resolutions by bribing some subservient African and South American leaders, naturally supported by Islamic nations steeped in Jew hatred. Some European countries toe this line too such as Ireland, Iceland and Norway combining good old-fashioned antisemitism with their grotesque cupidity and need to placate their growing Muslim populations.

The UN bias is given further promotion, endorsement and credibility from mainstream media. In my last article I exposed the embedded antisemitism within the most influential news channel globally, the BBC. Now surely given the statistics cited above, the BBC should investigate UNGA’s bias against Israel and expose the underlying reasons driving the Resolution process.

That is the story is it not? But no, the BBC glibly leverage up on UNGA’s ideology and themselves like subservient, sycophantic stooges willingly facilitate ever more anti-Jewish bias.

Other global media outlets act similarly following the BBC’s lead, most notably Al Jazeera, CNN, and European English-speaking channels, EuroNews and France 24.

Given the UN’s bias supported by global media, is it any wonder that Jews are targeted by the mob, who need no excuse to vent their racist spleen. The Joseph Goebbels philosophy, preying on the emotions of imbecilic racists is history repeating itself.

The rest of the world’s suffering be damned – only the Palestinians are worthy of attention and the Jew is to blame. Jews are physically intimidated and abused globally for the actions of Israel. Are Muslims targeted outside of Syria, Yemen or Sudan as a result of Syrian, Yemeni or Sudanese actions? Are Christians targeted outside of Russia as a result of the conflict with Ukraine?

The Israel Palestinian conflict exposes the mob for who they really are. Simply Jew haters. Both Palestinian Charters (the 1968 Palestinian Council charter and the 1988 Hamas charter) command Jew extermination by Jihad and subservience to Islam or death of all other races. The mob support the very ideology they claim to be opposing. And the United Nations and global media endorse and facilitate this hateful ideology. As Muslim populations expand unopposed in western societies, the plight of the Jew becomes increasingly tenuous. This unholy alliance of Islamists and the political left endangers every single Jew living in areas where these demographics unite.

The mob will explain that it is only Zionist Jews they hate and oppose, not other Jews. However, when the mob runs riot, they do not select for special treatment the one from the other. There is no discrimination. There is no get out of jail free card for non-Zionist Jews. In the eye of the racists, a Jew is a Jew is a Jew.

Faith and belief have allowed the Jew to survive since time immemorial whilst powerful anti-Jewish opponents have perished. Hamas too will become extinct. Unlike previous attempts to exterminate Jews this time a Jewish nation exists to fight back which the mob finds unpalatable. The days of mob rule are here again but this time the Jewish State of Israel offers refuge and protection to those wishing to escape.

Yair Lapid, Israeli opposition leader in a recent speech in Germany said: “The State of Israel wasn’t founded because we thought antisemitism would disappear. The State of Israel was founded so that we can tell anti-Semites to go screw themselves. I was founded so we can tell the world we will defend ourselves, by ourselves, in any way we must”.

Will 2024 exacerbate antisemitism? Probably. Whilst the United Nations and the BBC continue with biased agendas, I see no light at the end of the tunnel. In Israel however, thanks to the IDF they are indeed seeing light at the end of the tunnels.


  1. Trump is now channeling Hitler with his ‘poisoning the blood’ rhetoric against immigrants, this will be his new shtik, he will be repeating this over and over, and as you say will be believed by his, non too bright, followers.


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