What Quran says about Jesus Christ?


The Quran, the central religious text of Islam, holds a significant place in Islamic theology and provides insights into various prophets, including Jesus Christ, recognized in Arabic as ‘Isa (عيسى). Within the Quran, Jesus Christ is honored as a revered prophet and holds a special status among the messengers of God.

One of the notable references to Jesus Christ in the Quran is found in Surah Al-Nisa (The Women) 4:171, where Jesus is acknowledged as the “Word of God” and the “Spirit proceeding from Him.” This verse, along with other passages in the Quran, highlights Jesus’s miraculous birth to Mary (Maryam in Arabic), his prophetic mission, and his virtuous nature.

The description of Jesus as the “Word of God” or “Kalimatullah” and the “Spirit proceeding from Him” or “Ruhun minhu” signifies his divine origin and unique closeness to God. This portrayal in the Quran emphasizes Jesus’s elevated spiritual status and his connection to the divine realm, emphasizing his purity, righteousness, and special role in God’s plan.

Muslims revere Jesus Christ as a prophet who conveyed God’s message of monotheism, ethical conduct, and devotion to God. His teachings, humility, and compassion towards humanity are valued and respected within Islamic tradition.

While the Quran honors Jesus as a noble prophet, it is crucial to note that Islamic theology differs from Christian beliefs concerning Jesus Christ’s divinity. Islam emphasizes monotheism and asserts that God is indivisible and without partners. Therefore, the concept of Jesus being the literal “Son of God” is not aligned with Islamic beliefs. Instead, Jesus is regarded as a prophet and messenger chosen by God to guide humanity.

Moreover, the Quran emphasizes the oneness of God and rejects the doctrine of the Trinity. It affirms the unity and uniqueness of God as an absolute and indivisible entity.

The recognition of Jesus Christ as the “Word of God” and the “Spirit proceeding from Him” in the Quran underscores the respect and reverence Islam holds for Jesus as a revered prophet and spiritual figure. His teachings on compassion, love, and devotion to God serve as a source of inspiration and guidance for Muslims worldwide.

The Quran’s portrayal of Jesus Christ as a special soul and messenger of God reflects the shared reverence for prophethood and the interconnectedness of Islamic beliefs with the Abrahamic tradition. It invites followers of Islam to appreciate and honor the teachings and exemplary life of Jesus Christ within the framework of Islamic monotheism and prophetic succession.


  1. Yes, absolutely, yet most Christians don’t know, and some refuse to know. I have shared this verse with so many Christians. Please allow me to share it here. (Quran 3:45) The angels said, “O Mary, God gives you the good news of a Word from Him. His name is Jesus Christ, son of Mary, distinguished in this world and in the next, and among the nearest.


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