BBC promotes Hamas, continues cruel assault on Israel


For decades now the world’s most influential broadcaster, the UK’s BBC has devoted itself in reporting biased coverage to the Palestinian Israeli conflict. The BBC has an office full of people located in Jerusalem on a full-time basis which functions as a hub for the entire Middle East for BBC News, BBC World Service, BBC Arabic and BBC Persian language broadcasting programs. The BBC like the United Nations allocates more time reporting on Israel than on any other member state of the United Nations. Why has the only Jewish state in the world been selected for excessive and biased reporting?

Now I will come clean and admit my distaste for the BBC based on my perception of their output and my personal experiences as a client, a taxpayer forced to fund their output and as a consumer. I have been banned from complaining to the BBC which I consider a badge of honor and let me elaborate as this relatively unimportant and personal axe is part of much wider and comprehensive parameters which support my claims alluding to BBC bias.

In 2017 a Bosnian “Palestinian” teenager Ahed Tamimi, in a stage-managed propaganda film physically assaulted an Israeli soldier numerous times for which she was rightfully arrested having been given opportunities to desist assaulting the soldier. Film of her arrest went viral purposely omitting her assault and the BBC identified this minor incident as a cause caliber reporting on the BBC’s online output daily for nearly six months in addition to BBC TV and radio output and scores of interviews with anti-Israeli activists, human rights groups and other antisemitic propagandists. I complained for two weeks to the BBC that this story did not deserve such exposure and consequently the BBC complaints jobs-worthies would no longer reply to any future complaints of mine. The only purpose the BBC had in giving this minor incident such overexposure must surely have been to embarrass Israel and facilitate antisemitism.

I as a political researcher and a Contributing Editor that also includes Middle East for this esteemed publication, Blitz, have long been aware of the bias towards the only Jewish state in the world richly embedded within the BBC’s DNA. Whether from their online output, news items, standard weekly current affairs programs such as Question Time and certainly from BBC Arabic, the audience has been subjected to a daily diet of antisemitic propaganda. The BBC, their news editors, journalists, producers and presenters have knowingly facilitated a political agenda driven by an ideology which is and has been rabidly hostile to Israel and unhealthily over sympathetic to the Palestinians, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), and the Palestinian cause.

Such antisemitism was identified years back when after political pressure the BBC in 2004 held an internal investigation under the independence of Malcolm Balen a respected independent journalist. The BBC has spent millions of pounds of taxpayer’s money on legal fees ensuring that the Balen Report despite numerous legal challenges has been kept hidden from the public. What does the BBC feel that it has to hide? Would any of their respected staff be found guilty of Jew hatred?

The BBC has been immersed in many scandals such as the cover up of high-profile sexual perverts they employed for decades and the disgraced reporter Martin Bashir and the now infamous Princess Diana interview. On these matters they have been exposed but on the accusations of antisemitism and the lack of accountability they have managed the process and covered their tracks. They have somehow been able to continue to facilitate Jew hatred spewed by the likes of Jeremy Bowen, their senior Middle East correspondent and Muppets like Orla Guerin and Jon Donnison. Their biased output is not even subtle. It is simply anti-Jewish state vomit.

Some recent examples validate my concern and contempt. Bowen was taken through tunnels by the IDF where a cache of weapons, including Kalashnikov rifles, ammunitions and explosives had been stored under a hospital.  Bowen suggested to the BBC viewers that the weapons found could easily have been the property of hospital security staff rather than Hamas. I kid you not.

Donnison’s report was similarly unbalanced and imbecilic when within minutes of an explosion within the vicinity of the Al Ahli hospital in Gaza, he immediately reported the IDF had fired the missiles at the hospital. In fact, Palestinian terrorists had misfired missiles and were responsible. He then went on to show to a global audience a photo of a child injured in the attack which turned out to be a Syrian child injured in Syria. Professional incompetence is a gross understatement.

I think there can be no doubt that the BBC continues to fail its audience when reporting on Israel. It is biased and knowingly misleading to the point of facilitating the abominable rise in Jew hatred which we have recently witnessed. Saturated anti-Jewish state reporting is clearly the BBC’s agenda.

What is even more incredible however is the professional incompetence the BBC has displayed for decades. How on earth did they miss the tunnel construction that the Palestinians had been creating? How on earth did they miss the thousands of tons of raw materials imported into the territories needed for the tunnel construction when they, the BBC were constantly reporting on the supposed Israeli blockade of goods? How on earth did they miss the importation of sophisticated weapons and ammunition given the supposed blockade? How on earth did they miss the deaths of over 400 Palestinian minors – forced slave child laborer on tunnel construction as reported by Israeli human rights groups?

The BBC have been forced to investigate several of their Arabic staff including journalists for actively supporting terrorist groups on their social media posts. We await the outcome of their investigation.

The BBC is unfit for purpose and their news staff especially those responsible for reporting on the Israel Palestinian conflict have exposed themselves not only for their professional incompetence but also for their anti-Jewish state bias. They are to the Palestinians what Lord Haw Haw was to the Nazis. BBC management need to recognize this and clean out their cupboards.


  1. Peter, words cannot justify fulfilment to my grateful thanks for your dedication via your BLITZ inputs. As a grandfather of 4 Israeli (2 currently in the IDF) and 3 British, the anguish and concerns that is so supported by your sincere dedication. May G-d bless you and keep you safe to continue your showing the hypocrisy and untruths of the BBC and others


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