Kazakhstan and China pioneering in regional connectivity


In 2023, China actively engaged with countries worldwide, significantly influencing its economy and global relations. To deepen understanding, the Global Times, in collaboration with Chinese academic institutions and think tanks, initiated a series of reports focusing on various nations. The inaugural report delves into Kazakhstan’s partnership with China in advancing the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), emphasizing political trust, economic collaboration, and infrastructural connectivity.

Since Chinese  President Xi Jinping’s introduction of the Silk Road Economic Belt concept in Kazakhstan in 2013, the nation has become a pivotal collaborator in the BRI’s development. Amidst global changes and the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Kazakhstan is undergoing substantial national reforms. The China-Central Asia Summit in Xi’an in 2023 underscored its importance, providing a platform to enhance BRI development in Kazakhstan.

President Xi’s multiple visits to Kazakhstan and the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership signify the robust relations between the two nations. Economic ties have also flourished, with bilateral trade reaching substantial figures, positioning China as Kazakhstan’s significant trade partner, fostering collaboration in oil, gas, and renewable energy projects.

The strategic focus lies in bolstering connectivity through transportation, financial institutions, and cultural exchanges. The establishment of various financial platforms and the signing of cooperation agreements underline this intent. Moreover, both nations are strengthening people-to-people connections by setting up cultural centers, educational institutes, and enabling visa-free travel.

The China-Central Asia Summit’s success, particularly in Kazakhstan’s representation, has garnered praise from Central Asian nations. Amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Central Asian countries are looking to China for stability and economic support. Kazakhstan, undergoing social transformation, requires substantial political and economic reinforcement, particularly safeguarding foreign-funded enterprises and projects.

Looking ahead, 2024 is deemed pivotal for BRI cooperation between China and Kazakhstan, coinciding with the Kazakhstan tourism year in China and the SCO summit in Kazakhstan. The shared vision of progress and rejuvenation marks a new phase in China-Kazakhstan relations, offering promising prospects for joint BRI development.

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