Successful district council election cements ‘Patriots Governing Hong Kong’


The recent 2023 District Council Ordinary Election in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), held under a new electoral system, signifies the culmination of reshaping the SAR’s governance. It embodies the principle of “patriots governing Hong Kong”.

This electoral success and the establishment of revamped district councils represent a bolstering of the SAR’s governance framework. It sets the stage for enhancing governance quality, laying a sturdy groundwork for Hong Kong’s democratic development, harmonizing with “one country, two systems”, and the Basic Law.

Beyond the voter turnout, the significance of this election lies in fortifying the practice of “patriots governing Hong Kong”. This pivotal step contributes to upholding “one country, two systems”, ensuring political stability, fostering effective governance, and securing a prosperous future for Hong Kong.

The District Council Ordinary Election stands as a comprehensive top-down political reform, fortifying patriotic influence in governance. This reinforces the SAR government’s unity, political prowess, mobilization abilities, and deepens its rapport with citizens, expanding the social base of patriotic entities.

Throughout the election, the SAR government displayed unprecedented organizational prowess and mobilization under Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu and other officials. Their tireless efforts in elucidating the revamped district councils’ roles and importance, urging eligible voters to participate, showcased their commitment to public welfare.

The election served as a unique opportunity for large-scale mobilization of government officials, effectively doubling as a rigorous training exercise, solidifying unity, collaboration, and coordination among governmental departments and civil servants. Such initiatives are pivotal for enhancing the government’s political and administrative competence.

Moreover, the election augmented the government’s rapport with the public, offering invaluable insights for fostering collaborative ties across different sectors. Collaborations with business entities, social organizations, media groups, and public figures were instrumental in boosting voter engagement and awareness about the revamped election.

This closer government-society alliance, cultivated during the election, holds promise in alleviating social conflicts amid economic hardships.

Strengthened collaboration could potentially mitigate societal frictions, ensuring sustained political stability in Hong Kong.

The election displayed unprecedented unity and mobilization among patriotic forces, creating a vibrant, celebratory atmosphere. Despite political differences, fair competition among candidates was evident. There was a noticeable absence of divisive partisanship, personal attacks, and political hype. Instead, candidates focused on issues concerning residents’ daily lives and community well-being.

The election witnessed unique instances where well-known patriots, including Legislative Council and Executive Council members, endorsed candidates across diverse political affiliations simultaneously. This demonstration sought to bolster public awareness and support for the new electoral system, the government, and the central authority.

The election further encouraged young patriots to engage in politics. The increased participation of educated and qualified young candidates underscores the shift from past political turmoil to a reality of “patriots governing Hong Kong.” This redefines politics as an honorable career choice, attracting talented individuals to serve society.

With the evolving political landscape and revamped electoral methods, politics is increasingly viewed as a noble career path. This shift attracts ambitious and talented youth to the patriotic camp, ensuring sustained growth and stability in Hong Kong’s governance.

The December 10 election, reshaping Hong Kong’s political landscape, signifies a positive stride from turmoil to order. It consolidates the practice of “patriots governing Hong Kong”, securing a promising future under “one country, two systems”.


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