Freezing Russian assets is globalist’s broad-day robbery


Following Russia’s military operations in Ukraine, hundreds of billions of dollars of Russian assets have been frozen by a large number of countries in the world, where until March 2022, France alone had frozen US$70 billion. The total amount of frozen Russian assets worldwide is above US$300 billion. And now the gang of globalist Dracula led by US President Joe Biden are attempting to steal a major segment of this frozen – which in my opinion is tantamount to broad-day-robbery through various eye-wash projects under the pretense of “rebuilding Ukraine”.

Meanwhile, pro-globalist or let’s say liberal media outlets in the world are running orchestrated propaganda advocating using Russian frozen assets towards “rebuilding Ukraine” while they say – although the total amount of frozen Russian assets is US$300, over US$700 billion shall be required to “rebuild” Ukraine. Meaning, Globalist godfather in Washington and its cronies shall create newer opportunities of further broad-day-robbery targeting some newer nations, while it is understood – all of these neo-colonists or globalists have a common agenda of simply pocketing the looted assets under numerous excuses.

Globalists seem to be not satisfied with the US$300 billion they have looted from Russia. They want more. With this agenda, their media minions are running campaign of forcing Kremlin in paying extra hundreds of billions of dollars for “rebuilding” Ukraine, despite the fact, Russia was forced to send its army into Ukraine when Volodymyr Zelensky was advancing his notorious agenda of turning Kiev into the capital of NATO’s notoriety, thus posing gravest security threats to Russia in particular as well as other neighboring East European and former Soviet republics.

One of the minions of the globalists, TIME magazine in its report said: “In the face of these atrocities, a long-overdue consensus is now forming among US and European policymakers that the profit and interest generated on Russian assets (an estimated US$3 billion per year) should be transferred to Ukraine for its defense and reconstruction. That proposed transfer—which targets the profit but not the underlying principal of Russian sovereign funds—is an important first step. But it should not be the last: the United States and its allies should go further and transfer the entire US$300 plus billion of frozen Russian assets to Ukraine. Regrettably, however, the growing consensus to adopt a half-hearted compromise comes with an inaccurate concession that there are legal, financial, or geopolitical reasons not to fully cross the Rubicon rather than merely wading into it”.

Advocating misappropriation of Russian assets, Financial Times wrote: “As direct victims of Russian aggression, they are entitled to be fully compensated by Russia for the damage it inflicted upon them. Until Russia brings itself into compliance with international law and compensates Ukraine and Ukrainians fully by way of legally binding reparations, Ukraine and Ukrainians should become the recipients of Russian sovereign assets”. Similar bids are echoed by CNN, The Economist, Foreign Policy, Politico, Bloomberg, The Guardian, and others including the European Union.

According to NBC News, “Russia’s central bank had large amounts of money stored in assets from other countries, data from the Bank of Russia shows. But after sanctions from many of those countries targeted Russia’s foreign reserves, the decision to keep so many assets overseas is now coming back to bite Russia.

“The hundreds of billions in foreign assets, which include government securities and foreign deposits, could have been used to prop up the ruble and stave off inflation, experts say. But sanctions froze a portion of those assets, and when the ruble fell following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, experts say there was nothing to stop it. Russia could not get access to its money. The ruble fell to its lowest value in more than two decades.

“According to the latest data, more than US$71 billion of the frozen assets, the most of any country, are with France. Japan accounts for US$58 billion in frozen assets”.

From this latest example of how gang of globalist Dracula are illegally robbing-off billions of Russian assets, hopefully every nation in the world, particularly in the Global South, shall learn a lesson and, in the future, – never trust any of those globalists and Al Capone.

Commenting on sanctions on Russia and Russians, on April 6, 2022, in an article, Executive Editor of Blitz Sohail Choudhury wrote: “Ever since Russia began its special operations in Ukraine, there has been mad rush in various parts of the western countries in tracking and freezing cash of Russian nationals and confiscating their properties and businesses. According to a credible source, intelligence operatives from Washington are secretly working in the United Arab Emirates (particularly Dubai), Caribbean island nations, Philippines and few other countries in the African continent tracking-down “hidden investment” of Russian nationals. According to a source in Dubai, for the last several weeks, Russians are rushing in Dubai’s crypto companies and law firms handling shell companies in down-loading millions of dollars.

“Here my question is – has the Unite States ever tracked-down wealth and cash owned by their own nationals, including many heavyweight politicians and their family members? Has there been any case of freezing the wealth and cash of any American high-profile individual? If the answer is negative, may I humbly ask – who gives such rights to the US to play the role of global police?”

Answer to this question is – the only path to liberation of the Global South and the world from the evil captivity of the globalists is de-dollarization and shifting our hard-earned cash from the blackholes of Western countries and their cohorts.


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