Hamas begins expanding terrorist franchise


With continuous cash flow of hundreds of millions of dollars that Palestinian mega-terror outfit Hamas has been receiving from one of its key-patrons Qatar, it has recently declared the formation of another terror group in Lebanon namely “Vanguards of the Al-Aqsa Flood” and urged Palestinian and Lebanese populace to join this outfit with aims to “free Jerusalem and the Al Aqsa mosque”.

Hamas’ statement regarding the new group read: “O sons of our people, you young people and heroic men, join the vanguard of the resistance, and participate in shaping the future of your people, and in liberating Jerusalem and the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque”.

As Lebanon already is entangled in cross-border tensions with Hezbollah, a significant portion of Lebanese citizens have condemned this newer bid of Hamas stating it would draw Lebanon into the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Prominent politician Gebran Bassil, who heads the Christian Free Patriotic Movement which is aligned with Hezbollah, firmly rejected the move, highlighting the potential threat to Lebanese sovereignty. The IDF’s Arabic-language spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Avichay Adraee, criticized Bassil’s stance as insufficient and “too late”.

Meanwhile Israeli Channel 12 News said, several countries, including the United States, France and the United Arab Emirates are engaged in discussions aimed at deescalating Hezbollah and curbing Iran-backed terror group’s presence near the Israel-Lebanon border.

Hamas cruelty on IDF members

Army reservist Shari Mendes, during a sidebar event titled “Hear Our Voices: Sexual and gender-based violence in the October 7 Hamas terror attack”, at the United Nations to raise awareness of heinous sexual crimes committed by Hamas terrorists during the October 7 pogrom in Israel, reported that many of the corpses had tense facial expressions and clenched fists that expressed the agony and torment of their final moments.

She described one female soldier’s arm was broken in so many places it was difficult to fit inside a body bag.

The entire side of one corpse was entirely shredded by a grenade and hard to identify.

Mendes reported that her team commander saw bodies of female soldiers that had been shot in the crotch, the breasts and inside the vagina.

The faces of many were shot many times in what appeared to be an intent to mutilate them beyond recognition.

Mendes said, “Heads and faces were covered in blood. They were shot in the eyes, face, and skull”.

One female soldier’s face had been shot so many times that the head had nearly fallen off.

Others’ brains were falling out of their skulls.

“Our unit has seen bodies that were beheaded or had limbs cut off, mutilated,” Mendes said. “One young woman came in with no legs: they had been cut off. We saw several severed heads, one with a large kitchen knife still embedded in the neck”.

Mendes said that, in some cases, the disfigurement of the faces was done after death, because it was clear they were made when there was no more blood left in the body and the corpses had already bled out.

“Charred remains arrived and had to be identified and prepared for burial. These bodies were burned beyond recognition, often without arms or legs; they did not resemble anything human”, Mendes said.

“Sometimes we sifted through piles of ash that disintegrated as we touched them. These soldiers were burnt alive at very high temperatures”.

Mendes described the sheer scale of the task, “Body bags just kept coming in all shapes and sizes. Many were oozing liquids and the floors were wet. The smell of death was already unbearable”.

She continued, “It is impossible to overemphasize the number of bodies we were dealing with; the sense of shock and despair”.

Although surrounded by images of death, brutality and horror, Mendes emphasized that the task of their unit was to see the corpses as individuals, to attempt to restore the dignity that had been taken from them during the attack.

“Hamas did not show these women any honor in life, but it was important to us and our teams, groups of women, that we showed them deep love and gentleness as we prepared them for burial”.

We held them in our hearts even just for a moment, as if they were our daughters; we really loved them”, she said.

As the child of a Holocaust survivor, she added, “I understand the importance of bearing witness. I am here to be the voice of those who cannot testify”.

It may be mentioned here that, every missile, every one of the 30,000-40,000 Hamas terrorists, every drone, every motorcycle, every weapon and bullet and all the munitions, and the Gaza underground with its “metro” of, according to Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, over 500 kilometers of tunnels, are what Israel’s soldiers would face when they enter this death trap. All of this is Qatari money. Unfortunately, until now, one in the Western world, including the United States, is demanding punitive measures on Qatar and its ruling Thani family for spending billions of dollars towards empowering radical Islamic terrorism and for hosting Hamas kingpins such as Ismail Haniyeh in Doha by providing their luxury and comfort.

Moreover, the Qatari Thai family is helping Hamas in expanding its business conglomerates into various countries, including the United Arab Emirates. It is proved beyond doubt – Qatar is Hamas and Hamas is Qatar. Shall the international community including the United States now initiate stern measures against terror-patron Hamas and impose tough sanctions on the members of ruling Thani family, senior officials and Doha’s terror-broadcast network Al Jazeera?


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