Caribbean newspaper says, Hamas terrorists have right to commit crimes on Israelis


While the Caribbean nations, including Dominica are being accused of selling citizenship and even diplomatic post to foreign nationals, including terrorists, mafias, criminals, money-launderers, drug and human traffickers and corrupt individuals for more than a decade, now media outlets in the Caribbean are seen openly extending support to Palestinian mega-terror outfit Hamas and even justifying its atrocities committed on Israeli citizens, including women, girls and minors.

According to Canada-based Honest Reporting, a Caribbean media outlet named The Caribbean Camera which call itself “a trusted source of news, information, and community engagement for the Black and Caribbean communities in Toronto”, has in recent weeks published a number of hateful antisemitic and grotesquely anti-Israel articles, including one which actively promoted Hamas terrorism as “armed resistance” stating Hamas has “the legal right” to exercising.

In one article titled ‘The Israeli tail wags the US dog’, which was published on November 23, 2023, a write named Carlton Joseph, who lives in Washington, DC, borrowed liberally from antisemitic hate propaganda when he wrote that “the current situation is a classic example of ‘the tail wagging the dog’ because the US, Western Europe and Canada are either unwilling or unable to exert any pressure on Netanyahu to accept a ceasefire”.

This ridiculous allegation, which is a xerox copy of Nazi propaganda stating Jews exert control over global institutions said, Israel somehow controls Canadian, European and American foreign policy. How else readers possibly interpret Carlton Joseph’s statement that the United States is “controlled by the American Jewish lobby?”

Commenting on Carlton’s article, Honest Reporting said, “while Carlton wrote off Western support for Israel as simply a consequence of Israeli control, he seemed unable to conceive of the simpler reason: that against Hamas, a genocidal Islamic terrorist organization, many countries recognize that Israel, imperfect as it may be, has a right and a responsibility to defend its citizens against that threat. But for intellectual lightweights, blaming Jews for global control is evidently the easier answer”.

In another article published October 30, 2023 in The Caribbean Camera entitled: “Sarah Jama has nothing to apologize for”, the unnamed author defended Sarah Jama, the disgraced Ontario Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) who was censured by Ontario’s legislature and expelled from the NDP for her extreme anti-Israel vitriol.

The article said Jama has the “right to voice her support for the colonized people of Palestine” and framed her as a martyr for publishing a statement on social media in early October following Hamas’ terrorist attack.

Sarah Jama’s statement, which failed to condemn Hamas and instead excoriated Israel for its “75 years” of “settler colonialism”, a clear denunciation of Israel’s right to exist, does not make her a martyr, but rather an embarrassment to those she represents. Incredibly, the article did not stop at defending Jama. It also explicitly endorsed Hamas terrorism, writing that “Palestinians have the legal right to armed resistance. The recent Hamas incursion into Israel is an example of that”.

It may be mentioned here that, Palestinian mega-terror outfit Hamas is a banned terrorist organization in Canada, yet The Caribbean Camera ostensibly has no issue actively promoting Hamas’ murder of Israeli civilians. And, unfortunate fact is – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and members of his government would not take any steps against The Caribbean Camera for the crime of running pro-Hamas propaganda.

The same commentary said: “On October 7 Hamas fighters broke out of the Israel-controlled Gaza concentration camp and breached the security barrier separating Gaza from Israel”. Importantly, comparing Israeli actions to the Nazis is antisemitic according to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism.

The op-ed also wrote that: “Bearing in mind that Israel has illegally occupied Palestine since 1948, they also drove 750,00 of the native Palestinians out of their own country.” In other words, by proclaiming that Israel has occupied territories since its re-birth in 1948, the author denied Israel’s right to exist.

In yet another anti-Israel screed in The Caribbean Camera published November 25 entitled: “We need to listen to people like Gabor Mate,” the unnamed author sang the praises of Gabor Maté, a Hungarian-Canadian author who has blamed Israel for Hamas terrorism.

The article summarized a recent interview by Maté with a British broadcaster, and told readers that one of the most salient points he made during the interview was that “the Hamas attack did not happen in a vacuum…it happened after 80 years of collective brutal trauma visited on the Palestinian people and is ongoing”.

Rather than pointing out the historical illiteracy of such a comment, the legitimization of Hamas terrorism inherent in it, The Caribbean Camera instead described Maté as a “humane, courageous” voice.

Finally, a fourth commentary published on November 30 by Margaret Kimberley, Executive Editor of the Black Agenda Report, claimed that Israel “uses the trope of Hamas terrorism as an excuse for committing what are clearly defined as war crimes by the Geneva Conventions”.

While most Canadians may not be familiar with The Caribbean Camera, its recent articles have shown it to be one of the most repulsive disseminators of hateful antisemitic and anti-Israel propaganda in the country.

It is essential that every individual of conscience press protest against these continuous pro-Hamas propagandas of this Caribbean news site and if possible, take legal action against the editor of this outlet.


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