Qatar – rewarded for funding moral indecency


Awarding Qatar host nation for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Final was a victory for those who put wealth above moral decency. That a totalitarian theocracy known only for oil riches and funding terrorist groups responsible for global misery was rewarded to host such a prestigious sporting event underlined the most grotesque elements and nature of modern capitalism and exposed the nauseating hypocrisy of liberal commentators within and outside the sporting arena. Those supporting the LGBT plus community were deafeningly silent as were those activist groups concerned with immigrants knowing that both these communities were always treated barbarically in the Gulf State of Qatar. We know too that the Jewish population comes way down the list of protected species when it comes to racism, but Qatar’s educational curriculum depicts Jews as the 1930’s Nazis depicted Jews. But hey, who cared or protested.

A cursory piece of research identifies the terrorist groups funded by the Government of Qatar including Al Qaeda and affiliates in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia and Yemen; Hamas in Gaza; the Al Nusra front in Syria; the National Islamic Front in Sudan and Libyan groups who toppled Gaddafi.

A variety of Al Qaeda linked groups in the Sahel are also funded by Qatar most notably in Mali and Burkina Faso. Thanks to the oil rich Gulf State of Qatar, millions of innocents have been butchered and ethnically cleansed from their homelands. Thanks to Qatar millions of children have been killed, injured and orphaned. Thanks to Qatar world disorder has increased to the level of uncontrollability accommodating Qatar’s fundamentalist, Islamic and expansionist agenda.

It is now a matter of unchallenged record that thousands of immigrant workers died under slave labor conditions during FIFA World Cup stadium construction in Qatar. Money ruled, deaths of slaves be damned – ‘Radix Malorum est Cupiditas’ as Chaucer penned in the Canterbury Tales, greed being the root of all evil. The world of sport, politics and the Theatre of the Absurd known as the United Nations set aside what little moral decency, they had to enjoy a sporting event irrespective of the misery created for thousands of exploited, poor immigrant laborers toiling under dystopian conditions. No investigations, no financial reparations and certainly no justice. And the Qataris were feted.

Another aspect of this sorry tale is how the media must have known of those slave labor deaths given the frequency with which they occurred and yet maintained a deafening silence. And silence is assent. This leads us into another topical event given global exposure but where the agenda, professional competencies and intellectual imbecility of the mainstream media needs to be exposed and investigated. No hope of that happening.

Again, it is a matter of record that between 160 and 250 Palestinian children have died under slave labor conditions building a network of underground tunnels in Gaza ordered by the Islamic totalitarian theocracy Hamas. Given this was an open secret and that numerous staff working for NGO’s and mainstream media have been present in the geography for decades, why has this story never been reported? Why the deafening silence? Were the media and those working for United Nations organizations complicit and actually facilitated the child deaths? In all honesty how could they not be – this is a statement and not a question.

Rather like the families of the immigrant workers in Qatar, the families of those killed by Qatari funded terrorists such as Hamas will never receive compensation nor justice. And mainstream media including the BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera and others were knowingly compliant.

It should come as no surprise that the financial sponsor of Hamas is Qatar. Cruelty to child laborers are part of the DNA of both Qatar and their puppets in Gaza. The story of child deaths during tunnel construction in Gaza will remain under wraps. Unfortunately, it is not only totalitarian Islamic theocracies who are guilty of covering up stories of human abuse and barbaric behavior. We are reminded that Western democracies too are guilty. For example, in the UK, Pakistani pedophiles raped thousands of white, underprivileged working-class children to satisfy their sexual depravities and sadism. These utterly depraved individuals were allowed to continue their atrocities even though the local BBC media, the police and both Muslim and non-Muslim run Councils were aware of these events. The media by their silence were compliant and facilitated pedophiles in the United Kingdom for decades.

There are only a few independently financed activist groups globally exposing the atrocities funded and committed by the Qatari sheiks and the money grabbing, barbaric Islamist puppets they control. The Hamas bosses, Ismail Haniyeh and Khaled Mashal, both live lives of luxury in Qatar and are purported to be worth nine billion dollars between them. Just digest that for a moment. We are saturated daily with how poor are the living conditions of the Gazans and yet their leaders are enjoying non-Islamic, capitalist lifestyles. And absurdly we European, Asian and American taxpayers are pouring ever more millions of dollars of aid to the Palestinians. Surely the evidence verifies that all we are doing is enriching their leaders and funding their armory to kill Jews. Where are the investigative journalists who constantly spew their vomit for us to digest? Why the silence?

The recent conflict between Hamas and Israel has been an eye opener. More than ever it has exposed the uncontrolled bias of BBC reporters such as Jeremy Bowen and Jon Donnison, the former suggesting that hundreds of Kalashnikov rifles found in a tunnel under a hospital may have been for security guards at the hospital, the latter blaming Israel for a rocket attack that caused deaths and injuries when in fact it was a Hamas rocket. The conflict exposed the anti-Jewish sentiments not seen since the second world war as Jew hating protests perpetrated by Islamic fundamentalists and supported, paradoxically by those on the far left of the political divide are seen in our cities. We have witnessed the absurdity of the United Nations when Russia, a Security Council member bombing Ukraine in an unprovoked attack criticizes Israel for defending itself against an unprovoked attack. Has the time come to challenge before it is too late? Maybe not as Argentina and the Netherlands against all odds have just elected anti left-wing Governments.

Qatar is currently acting as broker in a prisoner exchange swap between Israel and Hamas and being diplomatically feted for their efforts. Given Qatar were responsible for arming Hamas for carrying out atrocities leading to the conflict this is fairy tale politics.

Next time you witness a Qatari sponsored sporting event such as a Grand Prix or a prestigious horse racing event, take a moment to reflect on the misery this disgusting nation has created.

The silent majority defending the rights and freedoms our fathers and grandfathers fought for against Nazism are beginning to raise their voices against the wealthy Islamic fundamentalists, the terrorists they support and the fascists of the left. Argentina and the Netherlands are just the beginning.


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