Billions of dollars loot under Biden administration exposed


As anticipated by many journalists throughout the world that US President Joe Biden, who during his vice presidency had nakedly involved into rampant corruption in Ukraine and other foreign nations by illegally exerting his influence thus financially benefiting himself, his scandal-plagued son Hunter Biden and other corrupt members of the Biden Crime Family; a shocking news has now emerged in the international media centering COVID relief fund.

According to CBS News, hundreds of pandemic fraud cases presents a picture of thieves and scam artists who spent lavishly on houses, luxury watches and diamond jewelry, Lamborghinis and other expensive cars. The stolen aid also paid for long nights at strip clubs, gambling sprees in Las Vegas and bucket-list vacations.

It further said, “Their crimes were relatively simple: The government’s goal was to get cash into the hands of struggling people and businesses with minimal hassle, particularly during the early stages of the COVID-19 crisis. Safeguards to weed out the swindlers were dropped. As Walsh’s case and thousands of others have shown, stealing the money was as easy as lying on an application.

“The thieves came from all walks of life and all corners of the globe. There was a Tennessee rapper who bragged about the ease of stealing more than US$700,000 in pandemic unemployment insurance on YouTube. A former pizzeria owner and host of a cryptocurrency-themed radio show bought an alpaca farm in Vermont with pilfered aid. And an ex-Nigerian government official who grabbed about half a million dollars in COVID-19 relief benefits was wearing a US$10,000 watch and US$35,000 gold chain when he was arrested”.

Associated Press quoting US Department of Justice said, “Konstantinos Zarkadas, a New York doctor deeply in debt, joined the rogues’ gallery of COVID-19 fraudsters by falsifying at least 11 separate applications for pandemic aid that netted him almost $3.8 million, according to prosecutors. He bought Rolex and Cartier wristwatches valued at $140,000 for himself and family members and made a hefty down payment on a yacht, according to court records.

“Zarkadas used about US$3 million to pay off part of an earlier civil judgment against him for breaching a real estate lease. His most brazen move was to send $80,000 of the looted cash back to the government to settle a federal lawsuit alleging he violated the Controlled Substances Act by dispensing more than 20,000 doses of a weight-loss drug without keeping accurate records, prosecutors said”.

Fox News in its report said: Investigators won’t catch every crook. The scale and scope of the fraud are too large. Pandemic cases often depend on digital evidence, which is perishable, and the financial trail can go cold over time, said Bob Westbrooks, former executive director of the federal Pandemic Response Accountability Committee.

“The uncomfortable truth is the federal criminal justice system is simply not equipped to fully address the unprecedented volume of pandemic relief fraud cases, large and small, and involving thousands upon thousands of domestic and foreign actors,” Westbrooks said.

According to Reuters, in May 2020, then Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden warned he would scrutinize any “big company or political insider” who received federal stimulus money they were not supposed to get from the government’s trillion-dollar relief package.

A Biden campaign strategy document said Trump’s coronavirus stimulus package contained “the largest corporate bailout in American history” and “cronyism” rigged in favor of big businesses, the wealthy, and the financial sector.

In March 2022, Bloomberg in an opinion editorial – “Where Did $6 Trillion in COVID Funding Go?” said, “Corruption is “a cancer that eats away at a citizen’s faith in democracy”, said a certain vice president [Joe Biden], back in 2014. Now commander in chief, Joe Biden must confront a corruption problem unfolding on his watch: the spiraling costs of misspent COVID funds”.

Under such a scenario, when Joe Biden announced several efforts to combat pandemic fraud, one may ask – who will bell the cat, when it is anticipated that members of the Biden crime family may even have involvement in such rampant looting of American taxpayer’s dollars?


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