How Western and Arab nations are controlling global media


In today’s world, be it economy, diplomacy, politics of international relations, while public relations and presence of media are extremely important, failure in choosing the right platform would ultimately lead to disastrous results or in most cases, it would be counterproductive. Almost every country in the world are paying tremendous importance to getting their views published in prominent and leading media outlets – mostly in the United States and Western world, while countries like – for example, the US are spending over US$360 million every year towards media outlets in American, European, African and Asian continents with the target of effectively countering China’s growing global influence.

Ever-since Washington got involved in the Ukraine war, it also has allocated a significant amount towards media propaganda, although this fund is provided by the military industrial complex, who are making billions of dollars from the Ukraine war by selling military hardware and other items. According to a rough assessment, military industrial complexes in the United States and its allied nations are spending more than US$100 million every year buying the media’s opinion in favor of Ukraine and cruelly against Russia. Media outlets under such payroll are even being encouraged to run totally bogus reports targeting Russia, President Vladimir Putin and other key figures in the Kremlin, while such baseless reports are being enthusiastically promoted on social media platforms.

Meanwhile, according to researchers, Muslim nations – both Arab and non-Arab are spending a significant portion of their zakat cash on media outlets in the world.

Although zakat fund is supposed to be used for helping the poor and upliftment of their lives, Muslim nations in the Gulf are using such funds in patronizing media houses around the world, especially in the non-Muslim nations. This is being done with the goal of keeping those zakat-receiving media houses silent on various issues such as the rise of radical Islam and jihadism.

In a Hindu-majority country like India, major segment of the newspapers and television channels are direct or indirect recipients of zakat fund every year, which compels them in remaining tight-lipped on voicing against the rise of radical Islam as well as Muslim atrocities on Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Ahmadiyyas, Sikhs, Bahais etc.

In 2017, Indian authorities banned an Islamist broadcast company named Peace TV, which was run with zakat money by a notorious Islamist preacher named Zakir Naik. There are dozens of channels like Peace TV in the Middle East as well as different parts of the world, which are propagating radical Islam, antisemitism and even jihad thus posing a grave threat to global security.

In the recent past, Turkey’s Islamist dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan also has taken special initiatives in increasing the collection of zakat fund with the ulterior goal of spending it towards his ambition of emerging as the “neo-Sultan” of the Muslim world.

According to an assessment, the global collection of zakat per year would be more than US$60 billion.

Due to this reason, the corporate-owned media outlets throughout the world are following a sinister policy of hiding radical Islam and jihad. The reason behind this tendency may be because of the billions of dollars zakat (Islamic charity) fund, which is being used by a number of countries like Qatar and other countries in the Middle East in buying the voice of the international media.

If someone will look into The New York Times, it will be proved that this newspaper wants people to believe that Christians in Pakistan are discriminated against because of Hinduism. The Washington Post referred to Islamic State jihadist kingpin Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as an “austere religious scholar”. If anyone will ask – who is paying these “news” outlets to work constantly to whitewash radical Islam, sharia oppression, and jihadist cruelty; the plain answer would be, Islamic nations have already succeeded in bringing most of the global media into their grips. And, this is the harsh reality.

In addition to spending zakat funds towards the media, Muslim nations also are putting special emphasis on funding mosques, Islamic community centers etcetera in the Western countries, as these establishments play an important role towards radicalization of Muslim and spreading seeds of religious hatred.

In most of the mosques and so-called Islamic or Muslim community centers in the West, imams call for waging jihad against the Jews and Christians thus branding them as “enemies of Islam”. This is happening on a regular basis and particularly during Friday prayer sermons, such jihadist provocation reaches the peak.

Additionally, this evil nexus of Islamist nations are heavily investing in demonizing and defaming anti-radical-Islam research organizations and individuals – thus branding them as “vehicles of Islamophobia” or agents “anarchists”.


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