Pro-ISIS group in UK collects fund for Hamas


While it has already been revealed that several Muslim immigrants in the United Kingdom are actively involved in working in favor of mega-terror outfit Hamas and even funding terrorist activities targeting Jews, Jewish homes and business establishments, synagogues and Israeli embassy in Britain, Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) in a report said, on November 6, 2023, the Telegram channel of ‘Invite to Islam’, a radical Islamist group based in Birmingham in the UK, which has promoted the Islamic State (ISIS), advertised a fundraising campaign called “Ambulance for Gaza Appeal”.

The Telegram post solicits funds purportedly to buy ambulances, claiming they will be driven from Manchester to Gaza via Europe, “loaded with medical supplies.” Listing a price of £5,000 per ambulance, the campaign urges contributors to donate and “share this appeal widely with your family, friends and followers”, so that at least one ambulance can be purchased for use during the current war in Gaza and afterwards, “once the bloodshed stops”.

The post adds that the campaign’s “100% donation policy” ensures that all funds donated will go to the stated cause.

The post includes a link for donations, which directs to a fundraiser hosted at givebrite[dot]com, and the campaign page asserts that “the recent events in Gaza and over the last 75 years have shown” that Israel is engaged in “an ethnic cleansing based upon apartheid and genocide”. Claiming that “ambulances are being targeted mercilessly, irrespective of civilians and patients being in them”, the campaign calls to “galvanize the Ummah [Islamic nation] here in Britain” to donate towards purchasing ambulances. The fundraising page notes that “all excess funds raised will go [directly to] the most needy projects in Gaza”.

Providing details of the campaign, the page provides a charity number 1and a link to a website. In addition, details are given for a Barclays Bank account, requesting that donors note their funds are being transferred for “ambulances”. As of November 8, the campaign has raised £1427.59 towards its £5,000 goal.

The Invite to Islam fundraising post was shared by the “Wives of the Prisoners” Telegram channel, which is affiliated with the Caged Believers initiative for solidarity with Muslim prisoners – including those charged with terrorism – and has been endorsed by pro-ISIS clerics.

Since the start of the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, which began with the Gaza-based militant group’s October 7 surprise attack on the Jewish state, Invite to Islam has shared several posts on the war by Michigan-based pro-ISIS preacher Ahmad Musa Jibril, as well as promoted fundraising campaigns for Gaza run by Muslims In Need.

On October 17, the channel shared a statement ascribed to Jibril, whose students hail him as the “Imam of the West”: “Wallahi [by Allah], if your heart doesn’t melt to what’s happening in #Gaza, then your faith is in doubt!”

The following day, the channel shared a post by Jibril titled “One of the Most Powerful Duaa [prayers] for the Genocide in Palestine.” The prayer reads: “O Allah, curse the disbelievers among the People of the Book who bar people from Your path and disbelieve in Your Messengers, and who fight Your close friends (Awliyaa). O Allah, create division among them, shake the earth beneath their feet, and send down upon them Your punishment from which You do not spare the people who are evildoers!”

Invite to Islam previously promoted another fundraising campaign, also by Muslims In Need and with the same bank details, which has so far raised £13,246.21 out of its desired £15,000. On October 19, the Telegram channel responded to the question “How is aid/funds getting though when the border is closed?” by stating that although Gaza’s Rafah border crossing into Egypt is not open, “Muslims In Need have a small window which they can get funds in still,” adding: “I can confirm 100% there is no issue of getting funds in”.


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