Bangladesh Nationalist Party leaders revolt against Tarique Rahman


The senior leaders of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) visibly have revolted against its acting chairman Tarique Rahman who also is a convicted terrorist and has been living in London since 2907 as a fugitive. Recently although a senior member of the party, Major (retired) Hafiz Uddin Ahmed has openly expressed rebellion against Tarique Rahman, according to several sources, a very large number of the senior leaders, including Standing Committee members are expressing anger stating they have been made mere pawns of Tarique’s whimsical desires and disastrous decisions.

Expressing open revolt against Tarique Rahman, an aggrieved Hafiz Uddin Ahmed, also a veteran freedom fighter, told media, “Tarique Rahman treats leaders of the party as his mere slaves. To him only sycophants and those who licks his boots are given preference while he even does not show due respect to those leaders who are in the party for decades. I have held the position of a vice president of BNP for the last 23 years, while my juniors got promoted. It is no more a party. It is Tarique Rahman’s private limited enterprise”.

Major Hafiz further said, “only those without any sense of dignity and self-esteem can continue in BNP’s politics. Tarique Rahman has been imposing his disastrous decisions and suicidal politics on those leaders. No one dares uttering a word against such unacceptable behavior of Tarique”.

Meanwhile, another source told this correspondent that grass-root level leaders and members of Bangladesh Nationalist Party are particularly angry at Tarique Rahman, while following October 28, when all of them were given assurance that Biden administration is working in favor of BNP and if party can show huge presence on its October 28 Dhaka rally, US President Joe Biden will directly ask Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to resign and handover power to caretaker government.

Rumors were spread within a large segment of BNP leaders about a female leader and former MP of Bangladesh Nationalist Party, who had been on sex-trip with wealthy businessmen and had succeeded in establishing “healthy relations” with “some important figures in the Biden administration” as well as Biden’s son Hunter Biden.

Although Blitz has received documentary evidence of sex-trips of the above-mentioned BNP female leader and former MP of BNP, we could not independently verify the claim of her sexual relations with “influential figures” in Biden administration and Biden’s son Hunter Biden.

Commenting on this controversial female leader, a senior leader of Bangladesh Nationalist Party who held key positions in 2001-2006 BNP-Jamaat coalition government said, “She is a high-profile hooker who gives company to posh, powerful and wealthy individuals in exchange for trip to Singapore and Dubai. She always gives preference to traveling in first-class, stay at expensive hotel suite. Most of the leaders in BNP are aware of this slut as she was one of the regular goers in Tarique Rahman’s pleasure house Khwab. We even know she did not get married just for the sake of her special relations with Tarique”.

He further said, “Those who think Tarique Rahman has changed himself following the fall of BNP from power in 2006 are totally wrong. He won’t change and although he is to be held fully responsible for today’s fate of BNP, Tarique Rahman is still surrounded by filthy people and sycophants while he still is under heavy influence of his buddy Giasuddin Mamun. Just think of Tarique’s nastiness in personal life, who was sharing the same woman named ‘A’ who was known as the common wife of Tarique and Mamum”.

“Although everyone knew ‘A’ as common wife of Mamun and Tarique, a shrewd Giasuddin Mamun actually was using her as a honeytrap, who could control Tarique Rahman and compel him in listening to Mamun’s dictations”, the former minister of BNP added.


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