Result of double-standard – Biden administration in trouble


US President Joe Biden and his administration are already known for their double-standard and notorious attempts of destabilizing various countries under the guise of “democracy” or “free and fair election”. Now it seems, finally they are caught into their own trap. Biden is already trying to find an exit door from Ukraine after wasting billions of dollars of American taxpayer’s money. Earlier he had an embarrassing retreat from Afghanistan thus pushing the country into notorious grips of the Taliban. Now he is caught against in another bobby’s trap.

Ever-since taking office in January 2021, Joe Biden played double-standard with Israel thus mostly backstabbing the Jewish State as he had lifted sanctions that Donald Trump had imposed on Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and even signaled of opening a consulate in Palestine, a country that actually does not exist. He also has indirectly helped mega-terror outfit Hamas and other terrorist groups in Gaza and West Bank by sending aid worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Biden also attempting to obstruct normalization of relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran and then meddled into the process of normalizing relations between Riyadh and Jerusalem, because he wanted to take some advantage from Saudi Arabia through this process of normalization by selling weapons worth billions of dollars.

Joe Biden is also responsible for notoriety of Yemeni Houthis as he had removed this monstrous Iranian proxy from designation that was imposed by Trump administration.

Within hours of October 7 Hamas pogrom in Israel, Joe Biden rushed to Jerusalem and told media he wanted Hamas monsters to be destroyed. Then Antony Blinken arrived in Israel and echoed the same notion. But now, just within weeks of the pogrom, when members of Israel Defense Forces are making tremendous progress in freeing Gaza from the captivity of Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups, Joe Biden and his cronies are demanding ceasefire under the pretense of “humanitarian pause”. Meaning, they want to grant fresher oxygen to Hamas and Palestinian terrorists in regaining strength and possibly repeat another pogrom targeting Israel. From the latest stand of Joe Biden and his cronies, it has become evidently clear that he wants to keep Hamas and other Palestinian terrorists in action so that Israel continuously faces security threats.

Meanwhile, Hamas supporters in the United States and other Western nations are continuing flexing muscle while they also are not hesitating in bullying and attacking Jewish populace – synagogues, homes and business establishments, while Hamas supporters are even not hesitating in removing posters with information of men, women and children who are being held hostage by Hamas and Palestinians.

Commenting on Palestinian’s thuggish tendencies towards Israel, Tamar Sikurel, spokesperson for Regavim, an NGO dedicated to the protection of Israel’s national lands and resources throughout the country in an opinion editorial titled ‘No one wants the Palestinian Arabs in Israel National News – Arutz Sheva, which is translated from the Besheva weekly by Rochel Sylvetsky


Despite the non-ending defamation and criticism of Israel because of its treatment of the so-called “refugees” within its borders, their lives are immeasurably better in Israel that in other Arab countries. In Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and their fellow Arab states, the Palestinian Arab “refugees” have no rights whatsoever, even basic ones. They cannot choose the way they make a living, not even who they wish to marry, not to mention the health and educational services that barely exist. Within the countries with their own ethnic background and religion, for all intents and purposes they live under an apartheid regime.

Those countries, of course, have a vested interest in preserving the “Palestinian Arab refugee narrative,” because that way the Palestinian Arabs continue to demand their homes in Haifa, Acco and Jerusalem (although these were their great grandfathers’ homes, if at all) and it is possible to continue trying to destroy Israel. In addition, this way these states keep the problematic violent and crime-ridden “refugee” population away from their own citizens. It is uncertain which of the two reasons comes first when the host countries determine their policies.

During the second week of the war Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi declared that the Egyptian people absolutely refuse to allow any Palestinian Arabs from the Gaza Strip to enter the Sinai Peninsula that borders Egypt and Gaza and is under Egypt’s jurisdiction. He generously suggested moving them to Israel’s southern region, the Negev, as a solution.

Tell me, who would want his country to host people who torture and murder infants and the elderly?

(Remember, the Gazan civilian population celebrated the massacre, many crossed the border to take part in the killing and looting, many others spat on the hostages, hit them, and cheered as they were paraded through the streets).

Anti-Israel demonstrations are taking place in Jordan, Iran, Yemen, Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon, Syria and other Arab states, as well as in Western countries, but strangely, not one of them has offered the Palestinian Arabs a haven within their borders. Not one of the Arab countries has opened its doors to these new migrants, nor has Europe.

In another article in the Israel National News – Arutz Sheva, which is republished from the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, Dr. Rafael Medoff has termed Queen Rania of Jordan [a Palestinian, who is notoriously anti-Semite, anti-Israel and pro-Hamas] wrote:

Queen Rania of Jordan has introduced a new term into 21st century discourse: pogrom-denier.

“It hasn’t been independently verified…that Israeli children [were] found butchered in an Israeli kibbutz”, the queen said in an interview on CNN. “There’s no proof of that”.

It may be mentioned here that, Jordanian King Abdullah II and his wife Queen Rania are accused of granting refuge to a large number of Hamas terrorists, including Ahlam Tamimi.

But Joe Biden won’t bother in maintaining extreme romance with the ant-Semite Jordanian royal family – including Queen Rania, who in my opinion is no better than Ismail Haniyeh. Although there is nothing called ‘State of Palestine’ – Queen Rania certainly is desperate in pushing forward this agenda while it is well-documented – Palestine is a country that even Mahmoud Abbas and Ismail Haniyeh don’t want.


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