Joe Biden’s nasty politics centering Hamas pogrom in Israel


While Joe Biden shed crocodile tears for the victims of October 7 Hamas pogrom, his ambassador in Bangladesh issued an order to fly the American flag at half staff mourning “Palestinians killed by Israel”. It may be mentioned here that the US Embassy in Dhaka did not mourn the death of over 1,400 Israelis during October 7 Hamas pogrom. Even during his Israel visit, Biden warned Israelis not to be “blinded by rage” and not hurt, “innocent civilians” in Gaza.

While Biden tries to label Gazans as “innocent” through his own intelligence agencies he knows – there is no “innocent civilian” in Gaza. Those Gazans voted Hamas and after every suicide bombing or lone-wolf attack against Israeli civilians or members of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) these Gazan terrorists cheered and distributed candy. Even after October 7 Hamas pogrom – the 9/11 of Israel, Gazans danced on the street chanting “Allahu Akbar”, “Death to Israel”, “Death to Jews” slogan and distributed candy. They even cheered their fellow Hamas brethren and called upon them to slaughter each and every Jews. Some of them even held pictures of Adolf Hitler and praised him for the Holocaust.

According to a survey, over 87 percent of Gazans support Hamas. Still Joe Biden wants to consider them as “innocent civilians”! In my opinion, Joe Biden or Antony Blinken did not visit Israel out of sympathy or support. These were purely political stunts with the aim of creating a path for a brain-dead and notoriously crooked Joe Biden’s reelection ambition. Moreover, Joe Biden was also trying to use the Israel-Hamas war to get a US$ 105 billion fund released by the US Congress, so that he could give it to the Military Industrial Complex that has always been secretly paying kickbacks to American politicians, including Biden and members of his crime family. Has anyone noticed, ever-since outbreak of war in Ukraine, Joe Biden’s scandal-plagued son Hunter Biden is no longer making any attempt of making cash through selling his so-called artworks? Hunter Biden is making tons of cash through lobbyist services – even to ultra-Islamist parties in Bangladesh while it is well-anticipated that the members of the Biden crime family are getting huge commissions from the Military Industrial Complex.

Joe Biden does not care about Israelis. He only cares about making dirty cash and accomplishing his notorious goals. He even will not hesitate in helping Hamas and Palestinian terrorists in getting energized through continuous flow of aid while those Palestinians can use those aid convoys in carrying weapons, explosives and even missiles, which would be used to cause further destruction and damage to the Jewish State.

Meanwhile, with Joe Biden’s lousy game centering Israel’s ongoing war against Palestinian terrorists, Palestinians are flexing muscle in all of the Western nations. This is an alarming sign of Islamist conquest of the West. Unless westerners wake up and start confronting these Jew and Israel hating Palestinians – which are Hamas terrorists in disguise, pretty soon, Western world will become hostage to the grips of these Palestinians and their fellow radical Muslims. If western world truly wants to protect themselves from Islamist conquest, they must immediately stop offering jobs to these thugs – boycott their businesses and raise voice for deporting these notorious elements.

At the same time, Israel and members of the IDF need to intensify attacks on Gazans, drive-away these terrorists and liberate Gaza from the captivity of these jihadist thugs. Gaza onwards must become an integral part of the Jewish State, where Israeli citizens shall be allowed to reside. Israel should not listen to undue advice from Joe Biden or any other western leader in its ongoing war against Palestinian terrorists. Israeli policymakers should never accept western advice of ceasefire. There should not be any ceasefire until Gaza is fully liberated from the nefarious grips of the Palestinian terrorists.

This war, Israel must win.


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