London Metropolitan Police starts taking action against pro-Hamas individuals


Following publication of reports in Blitz exposing notorious activities of a pro-Hamas asylum-seeker in the United Kingdom, London Metropolitan Police has started taking action against those who are involved in notorious activities in favor of Hamas and against Jews in Britain. In a tweet, Met Police said: “Anyone carrying or displaying symbols supporting a proscribed organization can expect to be arrested. Officers policing a demo in London on Tuesday arrested a man for terrorism offences linked to support for Hamas. The investigation continues”.

Meanwhile, British newspaper The Telegraph in a report titled ‘How mass migration could spread the Israel-Hamas war – and what Europe is doing about it’ has described how asylum-seekers and flood of migrants can pose serious security threat to the United Kingdom and other European nations, following October 7 Hamas pogrom on Israel.

After Muslim celebrated Hamas’s pogrom on Israel, Henry Kissinger, the Jewish former US Secretary of State, who fled Nazi Germany when he was 15-year-old said, the scenes were “painful” to watch. He said, “It was a grave mistake to let in so many people of totally different cultures and religions and concepts, because it creates a pressure group inside each country”.

Kissinger’s intervention evoked long-standing European anxieties about “parallel societies” – a term for immigrant groups insulating themselves from their host country.

Now there are fears the Israeli-Hamas war will be fought out in the streets of Europe’s capitals, as well as in the Middle East. “When I hear Muslim religious authorities speaking the language of inter-religious conflict and explicitly stating that Europe is a party to this conflict, I feel that the storm clouds are looming”, warned Josep Borrell, the EU’s foreign policy chief on Wednesday.

Charles Michel, the European Council president, warned the conflict would have “major security consequences” as he convened a meeting of EU leaders to discuss the crisis. “If we are not careful, it has the potential to exacerbate tensions between communities and feed extremism”, he told the prime ministers and presidents of the 27 member states on Tuesday.

But by then the EU was already playing catch-up. Belgium and France were both at their highest terror alert following Islamist murders. In Brussels, a failed asylum seeker shot dead two Swedish nationals, while in Arras, a teacher was stabbed to death in what Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, described as the “barbarity of Islamist terrorism”.

Jewish schools were closed across Europe for fear of anti-Semitic terror attacks and guards were posted outside synagogues and other Jewish sites.

There were bomb scares in France, including at the Louvre.

In the Netherlands, protestors burnt flags outside the Israeli embassy, and in Berlin’s Neukoelln district, which has a large Arab community, including 15,000 Palestinians, there were clashes with police. Some 65 officers were injured, despite a ban on demonstrations. There was also an arson attack at a Jewish cultural center.

Meanwhile, following Hamas pogrom on Israel and slaughter of 1,400 innocent Israelis, Americans, British, French, Nepalese and other foreign nations, Zulkarnain Sami, a notorious criminal and a Qatari asset, who currently is seeking asylum in the United Kingdom began massive propaganda on social media in favor of Hamas, while he has been demonizing Israel, Jews, the United States, Britain and other European nations for standing in defense of the Jewish State.

On October 14, 2023, Zulkarnain Sami in a Facebook post wrote: “Even as the UK government threatens to crack down on pro-Palestine activists and protesters, the masses come out in support of Palestine on the streets of London amid Israel’s bombardment and siege of Gaza”.

Zulkarnain Saer Sami supporting Hamas on his Facebook post in UK

On October 16, 2023 sharing a video in a post he wrote: “Moroccans take to the streets in support of Palestinian citizens besieged in Gaza. This is how millions of Moroccans showed their support in the central streets of the capital Rabat today”.

On the same day, by sharing an Al Jazeera article link he wrote: “Iran has warned Israel of regional escalation if the Israeli military enters Gaza for a ground invasion as the war with Hamas enters its second week.

“If the measures aimed at immediately stopping the Israeli attacks that are killing children in the Gaza Strip end in a deadlock, it is highly probable that many other fronts will be opened. This option is not ruled out and this is becoming increasingly more probable,” Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian told Al Jazeera on Sunday”.

According to a credible source, Zulkarnain Sami has formed a team with several Hamas members in the United Kingdom and is collecting funds for a “massive showdown” in Britain.

The source said, Sami also is plotting attacks on the Israeli embassy in London as well Jewish residential and business establishments as well as synagogues and schools.

Zulkarnain Saer Sami alias Zulkarnain Saer Khan Sami alias Tanvir Md. Sadat was bearing Bangladeshi passport number EG0092902 (date of issue May 22, 2020). His birth ID number is 19830007842012539. Name of his first wife is Aditia Firoza Khan. According to information, Sami was arrested in Bangladesh on July 21, 2006 and a criminal case was lodged against him with Kafrul Police Station in Dhaka.

Meanwhile, according to Jerusalem Post, since Palestinian terrorist group Hamas invaded and attacked Israeli civilians on October 7, the United Kingdom has issued a number of arrests for individuals supporting Hamas.

Hamas is recognized as a terrorist organization in the UK and supporting Hamas can result in a 14-year prison sentence under the Terrorism Act.

This comes several days after Ken McCallum, the head of the UK’s domestic security service MI5, said that there was an increased terror threat from Iran-backed attacks.

McCallum clarified that for the most part Iranian activity in the UK was largely limited to targeting the regime’s own internal enemies, dissidents, and Farsi media organizations.

“Terrorists can draw inspiration not just from things they see happening inside the UK but things they see happening in the Middle East or on the continent or elsewhere”, he said.

“We would be silly not to be paying very close attention”.

As Zulkarnain Saer Sami alias Zulkarnain Saer Khan Sami alias Tanvir Md. Sadat poses potential threat to Jewish community and establishment, including Israeli diplomatic missions in Britain, authorities concerned need to immediately reject his asylum petition and extradite him to Bangladesh.


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