Israel-hating jihadist lapdog Ilhan Omar barks again


Ilhan Omar, who is known being an asset of Iran, Qatar, Pakistan and Palestinian terrorist group Hamas on October 20 aimed at US President Joe Biden and Democratic Party’s leadership over their support for Israel amid the ongoing war with Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

According to media reports, Ilhan Omar’s angry comments came during a press conference held outside the US Capitol alongside a few fellow members of the far-left “Squad” calling for a ceasefire in the war.

“How is it that we have a president who is talking about releasing hostages, who is talking about getting American citizens out of Israel, but could not get himself to say, I want to save and work to save the hundreds, thousands of Americans stuck in Gaza. What is wrong with you?” Omar said after claiming Israel had dropped more bombs on Gaza in the last 10 days than the US did across an entire year in Afghanistan.

“How is this possible? Wait, so [are] certain Americans’ lives [more] important than another? Is the American that is living in Gaza less important than the one living in Israel? How is it that you’re telling American citizens to go to the south of Gaza, but you can’t tell Netanyahu not to bomb the south because there are Americans there?” she said.

Omar claimed it was “painful and scary” to work alongside other Democrats who she said were blaming all Muslims for the violence. It was unclear who she was referencing, but progressive Rep. Ritchie Torres, D-NY, had taken aim at members of the “Squad” last week over what he called a “reprehensible and repulsive” response to the October 7 Hamas pogrom.

“And not a single condemnation comes from our caucus leadership or any member of Congress”, she said. “How is it — how is it that we are serving in a body, serving in a body where there are members who condemn us for asking for a peace, for cease fire, the most simplest thing?”

Prior to her appearance at the press conference, Ilhan Omar was pressed by Fox Business reporter Hillary Vaughn over her support for a ceasefire against terrorists whose aim is to wipe out the existence of Jews.

On October 19, Omar was forced to walk back comments blaming Israel for the Gaza hospital explosion that US intelligence determined was not from a projectile launched by the Israeli Defense Forces. However, she failed to offer an apology.

Well, an Israel-hating jihadist lapdog Ilhan Omar’s agenda is spreading anti-Semitic vile propaganda targeting Israel and Jews. She has also been known for her support towards every Islamist terrorist nation, including Iran and Pakistan, while she also is accused of being on permanent payroll of Iran and Qatar.

Ilhan Omar is a jihadist monster. Her agenda is turning the US into an Islamic republic. She loves murder of Jews, Christians and non-Muslims, including Hindus. She feels delighted in supporting and working in favor of Islamist terrorist groups, including Hamas. In other words, she is a pseudo terrorist – a jihadist in disguise. Ilhan Omar needs to be banned from the United States and deported to Somalia, Iran or Qatar. This stinky, rotten and pervert does not belong to the US.


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