Thank you very much, US Embassy in Dhaka


Ambassador Peter D. Haas and the esteemed members of US Embassy in Dhaka deserve our deepest gratitude and profound thanks for standing against October 7 Hamas pogrom on innocent people in Israel and for their decision of flying American flag half staff to mourn death of those innocent victims of extreme cruelty of Hamas and Palestinian terrorists.

In a press release titled “US Embassy flies flag at half staff on day of mourning, October 21”, the US Embassy in Dhaka said:

The United States mourns every innocent life lost.  Ambassador Peter Haas has ordered the US Embassy flag to be flown at half-staff on October 21, 2023.   

As Secretary of State Blinken has said, “We mourn civilians of every faith and every nationality who have been killed in the conflict”.

While US Embassy in Bangladesh mourns slaughter of civilians by Palestinian new-Nazi and new-ISIS Hamas, unfortunately majority of the Muslim and non-Muslim nations in the world shall indulge into celebrating dead Jews and dead Israelis on the same day proving – how anti-Semitism and Jew-hatred has turned the entire world into mere monsters or appeasers and fans of terrorism.

It may be mentioned here that back in 2001, following 9/11 (September 11) jihadist attacks on the United States, the United Nations Security Council passed resolution 1373 under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter. Chapter 7 resolutions, unlike others, are binding on all UN member nations.

Resolution 1373 stipulates that all UN member nations must “Refrain from providing any form of support, active or passive, to entities or persons involved in terrorist acts”.

In this case, any individual, organization or nation unjustly condemning Israel’s ongoing battle against Palestinian terrorist Hamas may go against the UN Resolution 1373 and in that case can be labelled as patrons or appeasers of terrorist acts.

It is extremely shocking to witness, following October 7 Hamas pogrom, while Israel is fighting Hamas and Palestinian Arab terrorists and making all-out efforts in getting the hostages released from cruel captivity of Palestinian Arabs, the Muslim world in particular is notoriously celebrating dead Jews and the sufferings of Israeli people. Iranian and Qatari money in particular are even luring non-Muslim media in the world in running vile propaganda against Israel, Jews and their allies. Members of governments in Muslim nations are openly demonizing Israel and Jews and expressing solidarity with Hamas and Palestinian terrorists, although such notorious actions can be considered as acts of patronizing terrorism and Western nations, particularly the United States, can slap sanctions on those individuals for their roles in favor of terrorism. In my opinion, the Biden administration should take this matter into immediate consideration and show the world – anyone celebrating dead Jews and sufferings of Israeli people shall be deemed as acts of terrorism and they will not go unpunished.

Once again, I am calling upon every individual in the world with a conscience to wake up and strongly condemn such acts of extreme cruelty and notoriety and stand firm in defense of Israel and Jewish people. At the same time, once again – I would like to firmly tell Israel and Jew-hating Muslim and non-Muslims – if you celebrate dead Jews and sufferings of Israeli people, I shall have the right to hate you.


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