Iraqi militias vow to join Hamas and Palestinian terrorists


According to a recent report from a Washington, DC-based think tank, Iraqi militias under Iranian control are preparing to join the conflict in support of Hamas, potentially launching attacks on Israel from the north. The report highlights the growing use of coded religious language by the Sabereen News, a mouthpiece for the “resistance” groups, in its coverage of significant developments following the recent invasion of Gaza envelope communities by Hamas on October 7.

The Washington Institute for Near East Policy’s latest assessment of the region notes the emergence of a new online muqawama (resistance) group called “The Operations Support Room for Al-Aqsa Flood”, a name referencing Hamas’s ongoing conflict with Israel.

The report also highlights recent drone attacks claimed by the group and other militias on American air bases in Iraq. These attacks align with the threats made by their leaders to target the United States if it supports Israel against Hamas. In response to these developments, President Joe Biden has demonstrated firm support for Israel, including the deployment of two aircraft carrier groups to the eastern Mediterranean as a deterrent against potential involvement from Iran and its proxy, Hezbollah.

The Institute’s analysis suggests that Iraq’s “resistance” militias are actively preparing to provide assistance to Hamas and Iran, with indications that they have received directives from the IRGC-QF (Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp – Quds Force) to assume various roles in the region.

Michael Knights, one of the report’s authors and an expert on Iraqi and Iranian security and military affairs, emphasized the possibility of Iran-backed Iraqi militias engaging in anti-Israel military operations from Syria, potentially forming a Golan front. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have already bolstered their positions and remain vigilant against any potential threats from the north. While there have been limited attacks by Hezbollah infiltrators and rocket launches, Israel has mainly responded with artillery fire directed at Hezbollah positions in Lebanon.

Amid escalating tensions, Israel has repeatedly urged Lebanon to rein in Hezbollah, cautioning of severe consequences if the group were to instigate any hostilities.


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