Hamas arranges ball-parties in Dubai to collect fund


While Israel is fighting Hamas and Palestinian terrorists and taking all possible measures for rescuing the abducted Israeli and foreign hostages from the captivity of ruthless jihadists, a group of Hamas members are collecting hundreds and thousands of dollars by organizing ball-parties in Dubai, a city known as ‘Mecca of criminals, terrorists, gangsters and scammers’.

According information, a female terrorist of Hamas is throwing ball-parties targeting wealthy locals and foreign nationals and been collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars by selling tickets and collecting donation from the participants. This Hamas member also is openly using the name of Save The Children to hide her activities as humanitarian effort.

On October 19, 2023 this Hamas member sent message from UAE mobile number +971585349422 stating:

Oct 27th Ball alert. Even if you don’t want to pay the AED330/head today – can you please confirm your interest so I can make sure you are included in F&B arrangements?

Please note it’s formalwear not costumes, from 8pm to 1 am, and includes welcome drinks, a buffet supper, wonderful musical entertainment, and terrific guest list.

All proceeds after covering basic costs go towards Emirates Red Crescent for Gaza.

But, according to our own reporter, this is not the only “ball-party” that currently is taking place in Dubai to collect fund for Hamas. Every night, similar events are taking place in more than a dozen of nightclubs and secret brothels in the Emirates. High-end sex workers from East European nations are invited to these events while customer buying service of these sex workers are required to pay additional 30 percent while the sex workers also are required to pay half of their earnings towards Hamas fund. Various types of drugs, particularly cocaine, MDMA and ecstasy tablets are also being sold during these ball-parties directly by the event organizers.

In most cases, bosomy blonde in a tight, low-cut evening dress slid on to a barstool are seen next to prospective clients and they would begin the chat: Where are you from? How long are you here? Where are you staying? When asked what she did for a living, they would reply – “You know what I do. I’m a whore”.

It may be mentioned here that, Iranian proxies Hamas and Hezbollah have been involved in drug trafficking and drug peddling in a number of Middle Eastern countries, including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates (particularly Dubai) and even Qatar. Through such illegal trade, Hamas and Hezbollah are making millions of dollars every year. These terrorist groups also are directly involved in fake cryptocurrency trade with the help of several crypto-fraud kingpins from the United States, Canada, Germany, Poland and other EU nations.



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