Biden energizes global jihadist conglomerate, Israel is the first target


Just within days of US President Joe Biden releasing US$6 billion cash to terror-patron Iran, its proxy in Gaza has launched gruesome attack targeting Israel. Following this attack, another Iranian proxy Hezbollah also began firing rockets at Israel. Hezbollah has much bigger stockpile of rockets than Hamas, while it also holds high-precision rockets which are capable of hitting any target inside the Jewish State.

Meanwhile, with Hamas rocket attacks targeting various locations in Israel and abducting civilians and security personnel, Iran-backed Lebanese Hezbollah, militias in Iraq, Ansar Allah Houthi Movement and Afghan Taliban jihadists are openly expressing solidarity with this gruesome terrorist attack, while the Taliban has even called upon Middle Eastern nations to allow their land and sea routes so that they can “conquer” Jerusalem.

According to Jewish News Syndicate (JNS), Hamas claimed on October 7 to have abducted 163 Israelis and taken them to the Gaza Strip after dispatching dozens of terrorists into the Jewish state as part of a major attack.

Unconfirmed footage circulating online showed alleged Hamas terrorists ushering numerous Israelis into Gaza.

On October 7, 2023, Hamas launched operation Al-Aqsa Flood, a surprise attack on Israel on the early morning of Simcha Torah Sabbath holiday. As part of the attack, the Gaza-based terrorist group fired thousands of rockets into Israel and dispatched fighters into Israeli towns near the Gaza Strip. The following report compiles initial statements issued by leaders of Iran-backed militias in Iraq regarding the conflict.

Akram Al-Ka’abi, leader of Al-Nujaba’ Movement, issued a statement on Telegram in which he praised the people and the fighters of the Palestinian factions taking part in the ongoing operation. He warned that the continuation of the “Israeli aggression” against the Palestinians will be met with a military response. He also warned that any attempt by Israel or by its allies to expand the regional circle of the war will be met with a response from his group.

“After expressing our pride in what you, the people of Palestine and the factions of Palestine have done, as you prove to the world that the equation of deterrence has turned against the occupiers, and that the initiative is in your hands now, we assure you that you are not alone and that we are with you and the resistance front as one, and that we are fully prepared to obtain reward and pride in this confrontation”.

Underlining his militias’ readiness to counter any potential Israeli or American attack, he added: “Let the Zionist aggression and its supporters, America and its henchmen, know that the continuation of the aggression will be met with a military response from us that will delight the friend, and surprise and astonish the enemy, and if the axis of evil tries to expand the front, the axis of goodness is waiting for them, and that any American or Western intervention will be met with a decisive response, and everyone will resist from his position and from what is within his reach, and their supporters will not be safe. The Zionists and their allies, wherever they are, our weapons, will reach them, and Allah is the Helper of the Believers”.

Abu Alaa’ Al-Wala’i, leader of Sayyid Al-Shuhada’ Brigades, issued a statement on Telegram in which he also hailed the Palestinian factions, and vowed to extend full support to them to “destroy Israel” and “rid the world of its wickedness”.

He said: “To the brothers in religion and blood, and the partners in jihad and determination, the sons of the heroic Palestinian resistance: We have heard your call and we are ready to support you. It is by Lord our pleasure, and it is the time to fulfill our pledges and promises. Our resources are ready, as well as our resolve. Let the Al-Aqsa flood be the end of their lie and the fulfillment of Allah’s promise to destroy them and rid the earth of their wickedness. Today, Allah fulfills His promise at your hands”.

Ansar Allah Houthi Movement leader Muhammad Ali Al Houthi, a member of the Houthi Supreme Political Council said, “We say to all those heroic mujahideen who launched the very great operation of the free peoples: may Allah bless you and move you, your jihad, your victory, and in what you have achieved today in this heroic and honorable operation that rivals the sky in its glory, strength, elevation, morale, and in its men, who believe in Allah and trust in Allah”.

Al-Houthi continued his speech by addressing the Palestinian people directly: “Oh sons of Palestine, we congratulate and praise the heroic jihadi operation ‘Al-Aqsa Flood’ against the occupying entity. Today, your factions have taken the reins of the battle and the reigns of the initiative, and today, they are the ones invading the enemy’s heartland”.

Al-Houthi further took aim at Israel, hailing operation Al-Aqsa Flood for exposing the state’s “weakness”. He said: “The Al-Aqsa Flood Operation testifies to the fragility of the enemy, to the weakness of its intelligence, to the weakness of its strength, and to the fact that it represents nothing”, Al-Houthi proclaimed, continuing, “We say to that Jew who went to make a Palestinian woman kneel, today we saw your trained soldiers kneel”.

Meanwhile, The Express reports that the Taliban has asked other Muslim countries to grant their forces free passage to Israel.

The report claims that an appeal was sent to Iran, Iraq, and Jordan, saying that “If other countries give us passage, we will conquer Jerusalem”.

Meanwhile, members of Biden administration are playing extremely notorious role following October 7 terrorist attack. An office of the State Department under the Biden administration issued a statement condemning Hamas’ unprecedented attack on Israel, while also urging “all sides to refrain from violence and retaliatory attacks”.

Hours after Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists launched a massive, multi-pronged attack on Israel – combining large-scale rocket barrages and an invasion of southern Israel – murdering at least 300 Israelis, wounding over 1,600 and taking dozens captive, the US Office of Palestinian Affairs tweeted its condemnation of the invasion, but also appeared to decry Israel’s retaliatory efforts, conflating them with Hamas’ attacks.

“We unequivocally condemn the attack of Hamas terrorists and the loss of life that has incurred. We urge all sides to refrain from violence and retaliatory attacks. Terror and violence solve nothing”.

Meanwhile, according to credible source, a leaked email sent on October 7 by George Achi, the Director of Journalistic Standards and Practices and Public Trust of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) shows journalists of this news outlet’s journalists are instructed to not refer to Hamas as “terrorists” and cautioned reporters to not say that Israel ended its occupation of Gaza in 2005, when the Jewish state pulled its settlers and soldiers from the Strip in its disengagement plan, but to instead refer to Israel’s military presence and its control over the air, land & sea and movement into and out of the area.

The leaked email told CBC journalists the following:

“The Gaza strip: Gaza is OK to use as a clipped form even in first reference. Please do not describe 2005 as “the end of the occupation” as Israel has maintained control over airspace, seafront and virtually all movement into or out of the area. Our description should be fact-based, referring to the end of permanent Israeli military presence on the ground.

Do not refer to militants, soldiers, or anyone else as “terrorists.” The notion of terrorism remains heavily politicized and is part of the story. Even when quoting/clipping a government or a source referring to fighters as “terrorists”, we should add context to ensure the audience understands this is opinion, not fact. That includes statements from the Canadian government and Canadian politicians”.

A careful scrutiny of the above circumstances puts all of us into a horrific nightmare, because in one end, Joe Biden is continuously showing sympathy and even support towards Islamists and jihadists, on the other end, his administration is openly hatching conspiracy of unseating secularist government and replace those with ultra-Islamist and or Caliphate-mongers. Under Biden’s presidency, every nation in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, including some of the South American nations are at acute risk.


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