Hunter’s defense against Biden crime family evidence?


Hunter Biden, currently embroiled in a criminal investigation, has been vigorously defending himself against the release of information from his controversial laptop. His legal team has been actively pursuing legal action against various individuals and entities involved in this matter.

In a recent development, Hunter Biden filed lawsuits against Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, and Giuliani’s attorney, Robert Costello.

This legal action follows a similar lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that Hunter initiated earlier in September. Additionally, he has taken legal action against John Paul Mac Isaac, the Delaware computer repair shop owner who initially obtained the laptop after Hunter abandoned it and subsequently turned it over to the FBI.

Another lawsuit was filed against former White House aide Garrett Ziegler, whose nonprofit organization, Marco Polo, played a significant role in making data from the laptop publicly accessible in an online database.

Legal experts have speculated that Hunter Biden may be spending as much as US$1 million per month on his legal defense. Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz noted that top lawyers in New York and Washington bill at around US$2,000 per hour for primary counsel and between US$1,000 and US$1,800 for other partners, with young associates charging in the high hundreds per hour. Based on these rates, the cumulative cost of all these cases combined could reach approximately a million dollars per month.

One key question raised by these legal proceedings is who is financing Hunter Biden’s extensive legal team. In the past, Hunter Biden settled a child support dispute by reducing his monthly payments to US$5,000 after claiming financial hardship. His primary source of income appears to be the US$1.3 million he earned from the sale of his paintings, sponsored by Democratic donors.

Rudy Giuliani suggested that the funds for Hunter’s legal fees might be coming from a concealed source within the Biden family or possibly from Kevin Morris, a Hollywood entertainment lawyer who has previously covered substantial expenses for Hunter Biden and allows him to use his private jet.

Meanwhile, the Marco Polo group, which played a role in exposing the laptop’s contents, has indicated that it is continuing its efforts, focusing on Naomi Biden, Hunter’s 29-year-old daughter. Naomi worked as a lawyer on behalf of the government of Peru while living at the White House with her grandfather, President Joe Biden. She joined the law firm Arnold & Porter in January 2021, the same month her grandfather took office. She later represented the government of Peru in a case against Worth Capital Holdings 27 LLC involving an oil refinery in the southern Amazon.

The revelations surrounding the Biden family’s activities have led some to call for further investigations into potential conflicts of interest and the leveraging of the Biden name for personal gain. New York Republican Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, for instance, suggested that the Oversight Committee should look into Naomi Biden’s activities. Cliff Sims, a former senior White House aide to President Donald Trump, expressed concerns about the range of foreign interests the Biden family has represented.


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