China introduces ‘Five-Star Card’ as new permanent resident ID


China’s National Immigration Administration is set to unveil a new version of the Chinese Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card, affectionately dubbed the “Five-Star Card.” This rebranding replaces the previous “Chinese Green Card” moniker and reflects the card’s enhanced Chinese elements.

Effective from December 1 of this year, the “Five-Star Card” boasts design updates that incorporate quintessential Chinese symbols. Notably, the card features a fresh design inspired by the Great Wall and prominently displays five stars symbolizing the national emblem.

Experts who played pivotal roles in the development and upgrade of the card have championed the “Five-Star Card” nomenclature, aligning it with naming conventions for permanent resident cards globally. This strategic choice not only accentuates its distinctive Chinese characteristics but also makes it more accessible and recognizable for individuals both within China and internationally.

Previously known as the “Chinese Green Card”, insiders with knowledge of the matter have asserted that “Five-Star Card” is a more fitting descriptor. Many countries adopt colloquial names for their permanent resident cards based on unique design elements. For instance, the US “Green Card” derives its name from its green color, while Canada’s permanent resident card, featuring a prominent maple leaf, is called the “Maple Leaf Card”.

According to an insider, “It was incorrect for many people to refer to China’s permanent resident card as the ‘Chinese Green Card’. This term is not accurate because the Chinese permanent resident card has entirely different design elements from the U.S. Green Card. The new Chinese permanent resident card, with the addition of the five-star element, is now called the ‘Five-Star Card’, reflecting Chinese characteristics and would have high recognition”.

The permanent resident card serves as an official identity document issued by the National Immigration Administration to eligible foreigners who have been granted permanent residency in China. This multifunctional card functions as a standalone personal identification document and serves as valid proof of identity for various purposes, including accommodation registration and purchasing transportation tickets without requiring the presentation of a foreign passport.

The upgraded version of the card incorporates advanced anti-counterfeiting technologies and enhances information storage and application management services. Cardholders will have the convenience of managing personal affairs, such as transportation, consumption, and financial transactions online through internet platforms. This digital functionality will greatly simplify the daily lives of cardholders in China.

Officials from the National Immigration Administration underscored that introducing the new “Five-Star Card” is a practical initiative to support China’s commitment to global engagement. It aims to enhance the efficiency and quality of immigration management services and facilitate the work, study, and daily life of overseas talents coming to China. This aligns with China’s strategy to develop a high-quality workforce in the modern era.

In the next stages, the National Immigration Administration will collaborate with relevant departments to expedite the upgrade and transformation of information systems, facilities, and equipment across various industries. This will expand the card’s range of applications and enhance user satisfaction, achieving the full functional objectives of the upgraded permanent resident card.

It’s important to note that the current version of the card remains valid for its designated period, and cardholders can apply for the new “Five-Star Card” as needed once it becomes available.



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