Pattaya Nightlife Business Association spearheads tourism enhancement efforts


The Pattaya Nightlife Business Association, led by Chairwoman Liza Hamilton, took center stage on September 5 as they hosted a crucial meeting at Liza Guesthouse situated on Jomtien Beach. The primary objective of this gathering was to keep members of the entertainment community abreast of recent discussions held at Pattaya City Hall.

The focal point of this meeting revolved around efforts to enhance the tourist experience by urging the government to extend nightlife service hours to operate 24/7. Additionally, the meeting delved into pressing concerns such as the use of copyrighted Thai and foreign songs, a significant aspect in addressing nighttime entertainment issues at various establishments including restaurants, bars, and pubs. Furthermore, the meeting aimed to tackle the problem of unauthorized fee collection by certain individuals.

An important milestone achieved during this gathering was the comprehensive collection of business owners’ names from all nightlife zones across the Pattaya region, covering areas like Jomtien, Nongprue, Khao Talo, Bua Khao, and Naklua. This initiative marks a significant step towards ensuring that the association operates in full compliance with the law while strengthening ongoing tourism initiatives in the region.

Nominations for leadership positions within the association were presented during the meeting. Liza Hamilton was nominated as Chairwoman, with Buapha Hanner and Wasan Sanguantoikam as Vice Chairpersons, supported by 12 committee members and 2 advisors. This newly established association, along with its appointed committee, is dedicated to actively promoting and improving tourism services in Pattaya, covering various aspects.

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Additionally, discussions regarding the expansion of Pattaya City’s entertainment zone service area took precedence during a recent city council meeting. Council member Damrongkiet Pinitkan emphasized the urgent need to enlarge the service area since the existing boundaries have remained unchanged since 2002, spanning over two decades. He noted, “The city’s significant growth and the increasing number of entertainment establishments operating beyond the current designated zone make expansion necessary, as numerous businesses have sought permits to operate within the regulated boundaries”.

The current service area stretches along the right side of Pattaya Third Road, extending approximately 50 meters seaward, covering Bali Hai Cape. It has become apparent that entertainment establishments on the left side of the road are eager to operate within the legal framework. Once these establishments secure the required licenses, they will have the opportunity to extend their operating hours, aligning with the Ministry of Tourism’s proposed policies advocating for extended service hours to enhance the overall tourist experience.


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