Ilhan Omar maintains ties with Islamists, jihadists and Pakistan


Ilhan Omar, a congresswoman from the Democratic Party, has made controversial statements regarding significant events and holds connections that raise concerns. Her statements surrounding the 9/11 terrorist attacks, her views on Israel, and her personal associations have sparked debates and prompted scrutiny into her background.

Her remark downplaying the severity of the 9/11 attacks by stating “some people did something” has drawn criticism. Similarly, her assertion that America’s support for Israel is motivated by money (“it’s all about the benjamins”) has ignited debates and accusations of promoting anti-Semitic stereotypes.

Reports have also emerged about her strained relationship with her father, Nur Omar Muhamed. He was reportedly barred from visiting his daughter when he was in a coma due to COVID-19, stemming from disagreements over her extramarital affair and marriage to her campaign fundraiser.

According to Daily Mail, the source said Mohamed — who is also known as Nur Said Elmi — and Omar have not been speaking in recent months since Daily Mail posted pictures of her and her new husband Tim Mynett with his hand on her rear.

‘He thought that was very demeaning that she should be walking around in public like that,’ said the source. ‘They have hardly spoken in three months’.

‘He has been very angry about the shame his daughter brought upon him and the family for having an affair while married’.

Omar’s background has raised questions about her family’s history in Somalia. Her father moved to the United States with her in 1995 after spending time in a camp for Somali refugees in Kenya. There have been conflicting reports about her father’s background in Somalia, with some claiming he was a teacher and others asserting he was associated with the repressive government of dictator Said Barre.

In 2009, Omar married Ahmed Elmi, who some believe is her brother. The marriage allowed Elmi to attend North Dakota State University. The legitimacy of this marriage has faced scrutiny, and questions remain about its purpose, particularly it is stated that Ahmed Elmi is a son of Nur Omar Muhamed – Ilhan’s father.

Furthermore, Omar’s travels have attracted attention. She visited Qatar, where she posed for pictures with soccer star David Beckham and reportedly received support from Qatari authorities, raising concerns about foreign influence.

Last year Ilhan Omar and her new husband jetted off to Doha for the World Cup games where she shared pictures of them posing with soccer star David Beckham and an unknown man in a burnoose. Omar offered scant further details on the trip where she was seen in the stadium with a good view of the games, but in her financial disclosure she was forced to reveal that the Qatari authorities paid for her meals and hotel room.

Screenshot of Ilhan Omar’s tweet on November 30, 2022 in Qatar.

Tweet link:

The Qatari Embassy in Washington, DC, confirmed it had paid for Omar’s visit to the Gulf kingdom last year. The congresswoman “accepted an invitation from the Embassy of Qatar to attend events in Doha in November 2022” a spokesperson told Jewish Insider, “as part of a program authorized under the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act”, or MECEA, which allows House members to take trips funded by foreign governments provided that the travel is later disclosed in their annual financial statements.

Two months before the visit, Omar was among a group of House Democrats who signed on to a letter expressing “dismay regarding FIFA’s inaction and heel-dragging on human rights abuses in Qatar” — and requesting a “written response” concerning FIFA’s “commitment to concrete steps for migrant worker compensation and empowerment”.

Ilhan Omar had previously been accused of serving as a Qatari asses in a Florida court case against a member of Qatar’s ruling Al-Thani family who had, according to a lawsuit, ordered murders on American soil. During the case a Kuwait-born businessman had submitted a deposition claiming that Qatari officials “recruited Ilhan Omar from even way before she thought about becoming a government official… They groomed her and arranged the foundation, the grounds, for her to get into politics way before she even showed interest”.

Reports have also suggested ties between Ilhan Omar and Qatari officials. She was accused of being a Qatari asset in a Florida court case, where a businessman claimed that Qatari officials groomed her for politics.

Omar’s visit to Pakistan also raised eyebrows due to her interactions with political figures there. She met with Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, who has initiated negotiations with Al Qaeda, and former Prime Minister Imran Khan, who had referred to Osama Bin Laden as a “martyr”. Her stance on Kashmir and association with individuals linked to extremist ideologies drew criticism from India’s foreign ministry.

Reports indicate that Omar traveled with Tahir Javed, a Pakistani Democrat donor, who hosted a fundraiser for her and donated to her campaign. Javed has met with politicians from both the United States and Pakistan, raising concerns about foreign influence in American politics.

During Ilhan Omar’s trip funded by Pakistan, she visited parts of India’s Kashmir territory illegally occupied by the Islamic nation. India’s foreign ministry responded by accusing the radical congresswoman of “violating our territorial integrity and sovereignty”. Omar would later announce a boycott of Indian Prime Minister Modi’s speech to Congress while claiming that the leader was cracking down on the Muslims occupying India’s Kashmir area.

She met with Taliban and Al Qaeda allies in Pakistan’s political establishment and took the terror state’s side in its demands on Kashmir. According to official reports, she described her fight against “Islamophobia” with former Prime Minister Imran Khan who had utilized blasphemy laws to persecute Christians. Prime Minister Sharif, who had sought to negotiate with Al Qaeda, celebrated Omar’s “courage of convictions and her political struggle”.


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