CIA’s Shadow in Hong Kong: Unveiling the Manipulation of Uyghur Militancy


After the British left Hong Kong, Western intelligence, particularly American intelligence operatives, have intensified their activities in the region. Continuously plotting subversive schemes targeting mainland China, these covert operations have become a focal point of intrigue and security concern. The manipulation of the Uyghur crisis, a humanitarian issue that has been seized upon and twisted into a tool for geopolitical gain, is a prime example of this shadowy interplay. The involvement of the CIA in these machinations reveals a complex and dangerous game being played on the international stage, where human rights are entangled with strategic interests and covert espionage.

America is using some of its agents to maintain connections with Uyghur militancy groups in Xinjiang under the guise of human rights activities. This clandestine network serves as a front for more subversive objectives, aimed at undermining China’s stability and influence. Some of the American agents have even directly participated in the 2019-2020 protests in Hong Kong against mainland China. These actions reveal a calculated and coordinated effort to exploit sensitive issues and regional tensions, further highlighting the intricate and often hidden battle being waged by intelligence agencies. The intertwining of human rights advocacy with covert political maneuvering underscores the complexity of the situation and the far-reaching impact of these hidden agendas.

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A web of deceit, espionage, and political manipulation has been unraveled, exposing a figure who has been operating in the shadows of Hong Kong’s bustling cityscape. Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman, a name that has been linked to human rights activism, is now revealed to be a CIA covert agent, managing two websites that claim to be human rights watchdogs but are, in fact, part of a larger scheme to manipulate political landscapes in Asia.

The Facade of Human Rights

Ashrafuzzaman’s websites, and, present themselves as champions of human rights in Asia. The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), as described on the website, was supposedly founded in 1984 by a group of jurists and activists. However, the domain history tells a different story. Registered only on February 17, 2008. And upon investigation, we found no record of the organization prior to this date.

The office address listed on the website, located at 52 Princess Margaret Road Ho Man Tin, Kowloon, Hong Kong, along with the telephone and fax numbers, adds to the facade. Both websites are proven to be a one-man show, run by the same set of people, with Ashrafuzzaman at the helm.

The Casino Connection

Further investigation reveals a more sinister connection. Torture Mag, which itself is a casino website operated from Indonesia, is suspected of being a cover for money laundering activities in China. This casino might be a front for Hizb Ut Tahrir, a terrorist organization with a large base in Asia, managed from Indonesia. The organization’s main objective is to fight China over the Uyghur issue, recruiting Uyghur Muslims to wage Jihad against China.

Asian Legal Resources website
Asian Legal Resources website

Following are the screenshots of the home page of the TortureMag website:

Torture Mag website screenshot - Casino and Gambling for money laundering in Hongkong
Torture Mag website screenshot – Casino and Gambling for money laundering in Hongkong

Further, we found that this website is managed by a shady and illegal online casino website. This is being operated from Indonesia.

Torture Mag website screenshot - Casino and Gambling for money laundering in Hongkong managed by an Indonesian illegal online casino entity
Torture Mag website is leading to an illegal Casino and Gambling website in Indonesia which helps in laundering money in Hongkong

A revelation of another connection of Ashrafuzzaman with another illegal casino website surprises us. Ashrafuzzaman’s connections with casino and betting business, an illegal entity in Hong Kong, have also been uncovered. This website has been involved in deception worth millions of Dollars.

Political Manipulation

Ashrafuzzaman’s recent activities have taken a significant turn, as he has begun to openly support the BNP in Bangladesh, a political party that has found favor with the Biden Administration. This shift in allegiance follows the guidelines set by the CIA, aimed at exerting more pressure on Sheikh Hasina’s ruling Awami League government. The intention behind this orchestrated pressure is part of a broader strategy to destabilize the current government and position the BNP to attain power in the upcoming general elections in Bangladesh. The collaboration between the CIA and BNP is no secret to those in media circles, and Ashrafuzzaman’s newly adopted role in this political maneuvering is becoming increasingly transparent and critical.

Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman - Asian Human Rights Commission

The intricate web of political maneuvering has recently led to America imposing new visa restrictions against Bangladesh, a move that has sent ripples through diplomatic channels. This stringent action can be traced back to Hunter Biden’s lobbying efforts on behalf of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). The younger Biden’s influence in Washington has been leveraged to exert pressure on the Bangladeshi government, aligning with the broader strategy to support the BNP’s political ambitions. The imposition of visa restrictions is a tangible manifestation of this lobbying impact, marking a significant escalation in the complex interplay of international politics and revealing the far-reaching consequences of political alliances and backdoor negotiations.

And because Ashrafuzzaman sees an opportunity in this politically charged environment, and under the guidance of the CIA, he is running an agenda in favor of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). The BNP, known as an extremist Islamist party, has numerous affiliations with international terror outfits. Ashrafuzzaman’s alignment with the BNP, therefore, raises serious concerns about his true intentions and the potential risks associated with his covert activities. His involvement with a party linked to extremist ideologies and global terror networks underscores the complexity and danger of the political game being played, and highlights the need for careful scrutiny and vigilance in understanding the broader implications of these alliances.

Personal Life and Deception

Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman’s personal life is equally fraught with deception and manipulation. Originally from the Jessore district, married to Sabina Sultana (Runa), and a father of two children, Ashrafuzzaman has abandoned his father and relatives. His history of working for Awami League leader Akram H Chowdhury, lying about funding misuse, and eventually moving to Hong Kong in 2005 under the pretense that his life was in danger, paints a picture of a pathological liar.

In a brazen attempt to further his agenda and gain notoriety among political allies, Ashrafuzzaman has engaged in self-propaganda and promotion by circulating emails to various media outlets. This calculated move reveals a man hungry for publicity, even if it casts him in a negative light. The emails, which have been received by multiple media organizations, including Blitz, provide a glimpse into Ashrafuzzaman’s desire to control the narrative and become more famous among those who share his political objectives. This tactic underscores his willingness to use any means necessary to advance his cause, even if it involves manipulating the media landscape.

Following is the email sent to many media outlets including Blitz.

Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman, who runs the Bangladesh desk, is originally from the Jessore district and married to Sabina Sultana (Runa) and has two children who live in Hong Kong with him.

Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman has abandoned his father and relatives because of his wife, Sabina Sultana (Runa).

Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman used to work for Awami Leauge leader Akram H Chowdhury, who used to run the Bangladesh Institute of Human Rights (BIHR), and at that time, Basil Fernando of AHRC was asked to do some audits on behalf of a donor.

In 1991, Awami Leauge leader Akram H Chowdhury showed mercy and gave university student Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman a job in his NGO. Still, he Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman made contact with Basil Fernando of AHRC and lied about the funding misuse Basil Fernando of AHRC wanted to expand his works in Bangladesh and get the funding that Awami Leauge leader Akram H Chowdhury was getting.

Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman 2005 went to Hong Kong permanently and made up a story that his life was in danger in Bangladesh like Basil Fernando of AHRC did that his life was in danger in Srilanka. Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman continued to stay in Hong Kong and work for AHRC from 2005.

Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman is a pathological liar known as Mr Yes in AHRC. Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman runs an anti-Bangladesh campaign, especially against the Bangladesh army, DGFI, RAB and honourable prime minister Sheikh Hasina and her government ministers.

Nilantha Ilangamuwa was at the heart of AHRC, and he had a sexual relationship with Jessica Fernando, the daughter of Basil Fernando. It was well known that Nilantha Ilangamuwa would marry Jessica Fernando. Still, Nilantha Ilangamuwa used to bring different girls good jobs in AHRC and have sex with them, like Basil Fernando and Bijo Francis.

Baseer Naved, another Pakistani who used to work for AHRC, used to do the same, bringing young girls from Pakistan and having sex with them with the promise of giving them jobs.

Danilo Reyes, who used to look after AHRC, is a well-known womaniser and used to have several women interns who were invited to Hong Kong for a year of internship. They will have sex and parties, and there is a problem in Danilo Reyes’s family.

Nilantha Ilangamuwa refused to marry Jessica Fernando, the daughter of Basil Fernando. Basil Fernando made Bijo Francis the executive director. It was planned that Jessica Fernando would be made executive director and Nilantha Ilangamuwa would take over the organisation. Still, when Nilantha Ilangamuwa refused to marry Jessica Fernando, Basil made Bijo Francis the executive director and kicked out Baseer Naved, who also wanted to be the executive director.

When Bijo Francis took over power, he kicked out several staff, including Baseer Naved, Nilantha Ilangamuwa, Danilo Reyes, and Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman became the first hand of Bijo Francis.

Bijo Francis rewarded him for his silence when Nilantha Ilangamuwa started exposing sexual abuses and misuse of funds of AHRC.

Bijo Francis rewarded Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman with a position by giving charge of UN tours. Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman goes to the UN every year and lobbies different bodies against Bangladesh, and he is the main force supporting Odhikar.

AHRC now receives funds from Odhikar. In their account and Odhikar was helped to open an account in Hong Kong, and the funds were transferred to that account.

Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman is a supporter of the BNP, and he is active in BNP politics.

Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman runs an anti-Bangladesh campaign against Bangladesh and is the main person who funds and supports all the anti-Bangladesh forces in exile and Bangladesh.

Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman made a fortune out of this anti-Bangldes business, and he is a perfect example of a Slumdog Millionaire.

Bijo Francis and Basil Fernando revoked Nilantha Ilangamuwa’s visa, and he was forced to leave Hong Kong after being labelled a liar. Another womaniser, Avinash Pandey Samar, is now the right hand of Bijo Francis and Basil Fernando.

Srilanka Guardian was funded and supported by AHRC, Basil Fernando, and several other news sites as propaganda material. Basil Fernando appointed his obliged people in the governing body of ALRC, which is the key organisation that receives funding for AHRC.

AHRC and ALRC hide who works for them and where they receive funding to benefit from the misuse of funds and run anti-Bangladesh campaigns.

Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman wants accountability from Sheikh Hasina, her ministries, RAB, and DGFI, but who will hold their masters accountable?

BNP has offered Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman a key position and a reward if he successfully removes Awamiliauge from office.

Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman is the key person who worked day and night to bring US sanctions on Bangladesh and is working on getting further sanctions on Bangladesh with foreign governments.

Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman is the person who is running an anti-Bangladesh campaign, and he is the man behind US sanctions. He is damaging the image of RAB, DGFI and Awamileauge, but not a single media in Bangladesh focused on him, AHRC and ALRC, Bijo Francis and Basil Fernando? This is the best joke of the decade.

Basil Fernando made up a story that he was on the list to be disappeared, and after many years, a documentary was made on him where he claims he does not know where his neighbour is. He was never on the list to be disappeared; he wanted to be stelled outside, so he lied and this lie paid.

He got an alternative noble prize and enjoyed the good life in Hong Kong, the same Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman is doing. By lying and blaming Honourable prime minister Sheikh Hasina and Bangladesh Awami League, he wants to get an alternative noble and wants to be the next director of AHRC.

AHRC bullied those who spoke against their criminality and rewarded some.

I hope you can run some news because major Bangladeshi media is silent and sleeping.

One can see how desperate he is to appear in media outlets and websites for any reason. 

The connection between the Uyghur militancy and Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman becomes more apparent when viewed through the lens of Western media’s propaganda against China and the underlying political maneuvering. Ashrafuzzaman’s alignment with the CIA and his active support for the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) reveal a coordinated effort to exploit the Uyghur issue for strategic gains. His involvement in promoting the narrative of Uyghur persecution, while simultaneously working covertly with the CIA, underscores a complex agenda aimed at destabilizing the region and countering China’s influence.

Ashrafuzzaman’s activities in Hong Kong, his connections with various websites, and his alignment with extremist ideologies all point to a concerted effort to manipulate the Uyghur crisis for political ends. His role as a key player in this intricate web of deceit and manipulation further highlights the dangerous interplay between human rights concerns, international politics, and covert espionage.

Ashrafuzzaman’s intricate web of covert activities extends even further, with clandestine sources revealing his involvement in the 2019–20 Hong Kong protests. Between November 06, 2018, and October 2020, Ashrafuzzaman reportedly met with several CIA officials, acting as a conduit for information and channeling it among protestors in a covert manner. These secretive meetings and his role in the dissemination of intelligence highlight Ashrafuzzaman’s deep connections with espionage networks and his willingness to engage in activities aimed at fomenting unrest. His participation in the Hong Kong protests, aligned with the broader agenda of the CIA, adds another layer to his complex profile, painting a picture of a man deeply entrenched in international intrigue, political manipulation, and subversive activities. His actions during this turbulent period in Hong Kong’s history further underscore the global reach of his influence and the multifaceted nature of his operations.


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