Muslim women put used sanitary napkin on Hindu structure


Muslim women placed a used menstrual pad on a Shivling (a representation of the Hindu god Shiva) on a Hindu family’s property in Sydney, Australia. Writes Ashlyn Davis

Some Muslim women, wrapped in their hijabs, often try to project themselves as the most modest of beings, being targeted by the Hindus in India. However, the reality in most cases is far from the narrative they spin with the help of left-leaning media and institutions. These women, as just as fanatical as their male counterparts, are ready to commit crimes against people and belief systems. They don’t confine their hatred and strong detestation for the Hindus to India, but carry it to whichever country in which they set foot. They attack the sentiment of the “kaffir” at every opportunity, unprovoked.

One such instance of hate crime by a hijab-clad Muslim woman and her daughter has been reported from Australia. As evident from a video that surfaced on Twitter and has since gone viral, the women placed a used menstrual pad on a Shivling (a representation of the Hindu god Shiva) on a Hindu family’s property in Sydney, Australia. Reports suggest that they also used wet tissues that stank of urine to desecrate the religious structure.

They perhaps had no idea that the neighbor had installed cameras in the property and that their vile deed was getting recorded. The hijab-clad lady woman didn’t stop at desecrating the Hindu structure with a menstrual pad, but smeared feces on the front door of her Hindu neighbor.

Hindu netizens have reacted strongly to this hate crime. One Twitter user by the user id @raviagrawal3 wrote, “Be it women, children, or men who believe in Islam, you will find all of them hating other religions. Imagine if other religions had done similar work with them?” At the same time, @kavita_tewari observed, “See the level of Hindu hate! A Muslim woman was seen putting a used menstrual pad on Shivling in Australia. Did Bajrang Dal or VHP or RSS or BJP provoke her? How can we coexist with this sick mentality?”

Kavita Tewari certainly has a strong point here. After every act of violence committed by Muslims against the Hindus in India, an army of apologists rise in defense of the Muslims, alleging that some Hindu institution, group, or leader must have provoked the Muslims to resort to violence. It will be interesting to see how these entities defend this hijab-clad lady and her daughter smearing feces on someone’s door after wiping their religious symbols with wet tissues and placing menstrual pads on them.

They may bring out their favorite theory: that these Muslim women were mentally unstable. Alternatively, they may dub this appalling hate crime a light-hearted prank, a new excuse Islamic apologists have coined to whitewash their crimes after three Muslim female students recorded and shared bathroom footage of fellow Hindu students with their male counterparts.

“HORRIFYING! Muslim women keep menstrual pads, urinated tissues on sacred Shivling of their neighbors in Australia’s Sydney,” News Bharati, August 7, 2023:

Sydney, Aug 7: In a shocking incident reported in Australia’s Sydney, Muslim women have kept their menstrual pads and urinated tissues on the sacred Shivling of their Hindu neighbors. It gets worse when it was reported that they even threw human feces on their doors.

This came after a video recording captured through a hidden camera was shared on social media. In the video, a lady in a burqa is seen keeping menstrual pads and urinated wet tissues on the sacred Shivling and it seems like she is doing it continuously with her daughter. Now, both of them did not know that the Hindu neighbors have attached a hidden camera near the Shivling.

According to the Hindu neighbors, they even spat in front of the Shivling. Further, in the video, one can see that they have even thrown human feces on their walls on their doors….


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