Woman should also get a chance to become a minister, Congress MLA Neetu Kumari said on cabinet expansion


Patna. No one knows when the expansion of the cabinet expansion will happen in Bihar, but the discussion is going on continuously in the ruling coalition regarding the expansion of the cabinet. Meanwhile, Congress MLA Neetu Kumari has given a statement regarding the participation of women in the cabinet. Talking to a private news channel, the Congress MLA said that the participation of women in Nitish Kumar’s current cabinet should increase. He said that at present two women MLAs from JDU, one from RJD and one from Congress are not ministers. He said that the Chief Minister talks about the rights, upliftment and development of women, but the participation of women in the cabinet is not satisfactory. In such a situation, now that there is talk of cabinet expansion, at least one woman MLA should be made a minister from the Congress party.

Women should be included in the cabinet

Neetu Kumari said that the cabinet is going to be expanded in Bihar, so her demand in this is that maximum space should be given to women. He said that our party, the Congress Party, talks about the reservation of women, talks about their rights and entitlements and also provides them. Elections are fought in Uttar Pradesh with the slogan ‘Ladki Hoon Lad Sakti Hoon’, so in their understanding, when the Congress has 19 MLAs in Bihar, in which two MLAs are ministers and two more are to be made ministers, then their demand is that a woman must be included in the cabinet.

Greater participation of women is necessary

There are two women MLAs in the Congress party, in such a situation whether they should be made ministers, Neetu Kumari said that it is not a matter of her becoming a minister or not, it is a matter of women’s participation. This party will decide who among the 2 women to make a minister, but their demand through the media is that at least one woman should be made a minister.

We stand firmly with the Congress Party

In response to a question, the Congress MLA said that she has not taken any rebellious stand by placing the demand. He is a soldier of Congress. We are firmly standing with the Congress party, have just kept talking about the rights and rights of women. The MLA said that we will live with the Congress and die with the Congress, but we have kept our views and our demands. Now further the party has to decide whether the female MLA of the party will be given a place in the cabinet expansion or not.

No participation of Nawada district in Bihar cabinet for 15 years

MLA Neetu Kumari said that she comes from Nawada district, her father-in-law has also been MLA of Congress in the past and she is also MLA of Congress today. He said that there are 6 assembly seats in Nawada. Even though there are BJP MLAs from there, but there are MLAs of Grand Alliance on 5 assembly seats. Nawada district comes in the most backward district of Bihar and for the last 15 years there has been no participation of Nawada district in the Bihar cabinet. In such a situation, she will also appeal to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav and the state president of her party that if the cabinet is expanded, the participation of Nawada district should also be ensured.


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