UP Weather Update: Weather will change due to the return of clouds, Monsoon weakened due to El Nino, heat will haunt in August


UP Weather Update: The effect of humid heat continues in the weather of Uttar Pradesh. There has been no rain anywhere in the state for the last 24 hours, in such a situation, the effect of heat is being seen a lot. People of many districts including Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, are waiting for heavy rains in Sawan.

The Meteorological Department had expressed hope of getting relief from Monday. But, people were suffering from the heat throughout the day and night. After this, Tuesday morning has also started with dry weather in Uttar Pradesh. Amidst the presence of light clouds in the sky, the sun has come out in almost all the places. The effect of humidity has been seen a lot. Although the Meteorological Department has expressed the possibility of rain.

Looking at the current weather conditions, there are chances of increasing humidity in many areas of the state along with sunshine in the afternoon. Since Tuesday morning, Suraj is in full form with his heat. Due to this the heat has increased. Now relief can be found only in case of heavy rains. If there is less rain, the humidity will increase further.

The humidity is effective despite the temperature not being high

The entire state is stricken by the scorching heat. Although the temperature did not exceed 39 degree Celsius anywhere in the state. But, due to the huge increase in humidity, people are suffering from the heat. The humidity level in the season has reached 76 percent. So far, the state has received 11 percent less rainfall than normal.

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Decreased difference in day and night temperature

The effect of heat is being seen even at night. There was a difference of only six degrees Celsius in the day temperature on Monday and Sunday night. The day temperature was recorded at 35.6 degree Celsius and the night temperature was recorded at 29.6 degree Celsius. The night temperature was 4 degree Celsius above normal. Similarly, on July 21, the highest night temperature recorded so far was 31.6 degree Celsius.

Lucknow rain status

Talking about Lucknow, it has rained more than 45 percent in the first 10 days of July. It has not rained for 15 days. The normal rainfall in Lucknow in monsoon is 261.4 mm, while 260.02 mm of rain has been received. Although its effect is not visible in the weather.

The weather will change now due to the activation of monsoon

According to the Zonal Meteorological Center, Lucknow, now there are chances of monsoon becoming active. According to meteorologist Mohammad Danish, there will be some change in the weather from Tuesday. There are chances of cloudy and rain. Monsoon will be active in two-three days. There is a possibility of change and rain till 30 July.

Meanwhile, during the scorching heat, power cuts have made people miserable. The residents of the capital have been waiting for heavy rains for many days. The way the monsoon was favorable in the end of June and the beginning of July, people were expecting good weather. But, after a few days, the heat started showing its attitude and the humidity became dominant. On Monday, the temperature in the capital remained below 36 degree Celsius, but due to the considerable increase in the amount of moisture in the air, people are troubled by the humidity. Now the Meteorological Department has expressed the possibility of rain from Tuesday.

Low pressure area likely to develop

According to the Meteorological Department, the monsoon trough is currently passing through Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Kota, Guna, Sagar, Jabalpur, Raipur, Puri and then east-south-east towards East Central Bay of Bengal. The cyclonic circulation over central Madhya Pradesh extends up to 7.6 km above mean sea level and tilts southwards with height.

Along with this, a cyclonic circulation has formed over South Odisha and adjoining areas. A cyclonic circulation lies over west central and adjoining northwest Bay of Bengal between 5.8 and 7.6 km above mean sea level. Under its influence, a low pressure area may develop in the next 24 hours.

According to meteorologists, the intensity and spread of rain will increase between July 25 and 28. On July 26 and 27, there may be one or two heavy rains with moderate rains over western parts of Uttar Pradesh. Light to moderate rains may continue in western Uttar Pradesh till the end of July.

El Nino effect likely to increase further

According to the Meteorological Department, most of the global models are indicating the effect of El Nino to be more prominent in August. Monsoon rains may be less than normal, due to which the difficulties of people may increase due to higher than normal temperature in August.

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