Story of Ranchi’s Atishree Apartment: Even after 7 years the builder has not completed the work, a big accident can happen anytime


At Singh Mod, Vikas Nagar, Road Number 2 Hatia, a four-storey apartment named Atishree has been built by Fact Infrastructure Private Limited. This apartment was constructed in the year 2016. It was to be handed over to the flat owners in the year 2018. However, the construction work has not been completed till now. Flat buyers are shifting to flats in half-finished condition. Flat buyers told that even after seven years of starting the construction, the builder has not completed many works.

Accident can happen anytime

While selling the flat, the builder had promised to install two lifts. But till now only one lift has been installed. The space left for the second lift is inviting accidents. The space left for lift has not been covered on any floor from parking to terrace. In such a situation, an accident can happen here anytime.

builder threatened flat holders when notice was sent

The flat owner sent a legal notice to the builder in August 2022 regarding the unfinished work of the apartment. The builder called and threatened all the flat holders whose signatures were on this notice. The flat holders have alleged that the maintenance of the builder’s share of the flats is also not given. The society has not even been formed there yet.

You have also been cheated, so inform

Flat owners who are victims of builders’ breach of promise can inform Prabhat Khabar. Prabhat Khabar will prominently publish your problems. Information can be given on WhatsApp number 7004459266. The name of the informer will not be made public.

Parking not divided

The builder has not yet distributed the parking lot among the flat owners. Due to this, there are always quarrels. The builder himself lives in this apartment. Five of the 20 flats in the apartment are yet to be sold. Taking advantage of this, the builder parks seven to eight of his own vehicles in the parking lot. Flat owners park their vehicles as they please. The builder threatens the flat owners when they pressurize them to share the parking. For a long time, mixer machine, stones, stones etc. have been left in the parking area.

There is no rain water harvesting in the building

Flat holders complained about lack of rain water harvesting in the apartment despite it being mandatory. It is said that due to the connivance of the personnel of the Municipal Corporation, no action is being taken against him. Apart from this, the installation of thunder arrester has also been left incomplete.

All the allegations of the flat holders are baseless. Not an inch of illegal construction has taken place anywhere in the entire building. One lift which is not installed, will be installed very soon. Since all the flats have not been sold yet, some people have not even paid the full amount. That’s why parking has not been divided. The talk of putting more vehicles in the parking lot is also completely wrong. No one has been abused till date.

Satish Giri, Builder, FACT Infrastructure Pvt Ltd


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