Nitish Kumar targeted Narendra Modi


When asked about the Begusarai incident, Lacey Singh said that the Prime Minister should answer on the Manipur incident. Entire Manipur is burning since 77 days, but the Prime Minister of the country is silent. The central government should answer what happened in Manipur. This government is neither taking any step for the safety of women nor doing any work for unemployment and inflation. In 2024, the people of the country will uproot this government.

Here, Rashtriya Lok Janata Dal chief Upendra Kushwaha has supported the Prime Minister’s statement and said that if a person names his son as Collector Singh, then his son will not become a collector. While addressing a press conference in Patna, Upendra Kushwaha has lashed out at the opposition parties. He said that the opposition parties have changed the name of their alliance from UPA to INDIA. What’s the point of naming it? Although how appropriate or inappropriate that too is, it is a matter of discussion, but it does not make much difference, nor will it affect the upcoming elections. Kushwaha said that in 2024 only Narendra Modi will become the Prime Minister. The public is with him.

JDU is over now

On the statement being given by JDU, he said that JDU has now ended. It has been mortgaged. Nitish Kumar has bowed down before RJD. Nitish Kumar has hit his foot with an axe. They have no basis in today’s date. On the statement regarding the return of Nitish Kumar, Upendra Kushwaha said that though Nitish Kumar keeps on talking about others, but nowadays he himself keeps on saying something, which has no basis.


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